Expanded Eligibility for ARIN Certificates

Posted: Mon, 04 Oct 2004

As of today, ARIN is broadening the number of Points of Contact (POCs) eligible to apply for an X.509 certificate for use with ARIN's registration system. ARIN will now accept requests from Tech or Admin POCs associated with any organization that has signed a Registration Services Agreement (RSA) with ARIN. Previously, only POCs for member organizations were eligible.

Cryptographic signing of email communications, including template requests, to ARIN's hostmaster@arin.net offers participating organizations enhanced security for their ARIN records and resources. ARIN has published a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for your reference. Eligibility and usage criteria, as well as overviews of the processes involved, are explained in the FAQ. ARIN's Certification Practice Statement contains a statement of practices that ARIN's Certificate Authority (CA) employs in issuing public-key certificates to qualified POCs.

If you are a POC that meets the eligibility criteria, you may request a certificate at http://ca.arin.net/request. You will be asked to fill in a form with some basic information, and your browser will lead you through the process of requesting the certificate.

Please direct any questions not addressed by the above referenced FAQ to hostmaster@arin.net.


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