New Version of Internet Resource Policy Evaluation Process Ratified

Posted: Thu, 22 Jan 2004

A new version of the Internet Resource Policy Evaluation Process (IRPEP) has been ratified by the ARIN Board of Trustees and will take effect immediately:

There are remaining active policy proposals which were presented at the ARIN Public Policy Meeting in Chicago in October 2003. These policy proposals were initiated under the old Internet Resource Policy Evaluation Process. They will now be inserted into the new IRPEP at the appropriate stage of the process as follows:

The following policy proposals are being worked on by the AC. Further discussion will be held on the ARIN Public Policy mailing list.

Policy Proposal 2003-4: IPv6 Policy Changes
Policy Proposal 2003-9: WHOIS Acceptable Use
Policy Proposal 2003-16: POC Verification

The following policy proposal is in the post Public Policy Meeting AC Review stage and will be posted to final call:

Policy Proposal 2002-2: Experimental Internet Resource Allocations

The ARIN Board of Trustees recently requested clarification for the following policy proposals. They are currently in the Last Call review stage:

Policy Proposal 2003-3: Residential Customer Privacy
Policy Proposal 2003-5: Distributed Information Server Use Requirements

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