New Registration Process Flowcharts Available

Posted: Fri, 05 Sep 2003

As part of our continuing efforts to provide education and training to the ARIN community, we have created new interactive flowcharts that document how to interact with ARIN's Registration Services. The flowcharts that are now available provide overviews on how an ISP can make its initial request for the allocation of address space, how end-users can request assignments, and how organizations can request Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs). In addition, a fourth flowchart addresses how organizations can request the transfer of Internet numbering resources.

Each flowchart starts with identifying the relevant policy and guidelines documents and highlighting the policies under which organizations can apply for resources. It then outlines the process of requesting resources, interacting with ARIN regarding approval of your request, and continuing on through payment of fees and renewal information.

You can highlight a step in the flowchart by moving your cursor over the appropriate icon. You will then see information related to that part of the process, as well as being able to go directly to relevant documents by clicking on an icon.

Links to these flowcharts will be available on the applicable pages within the Registration Services section of our website, as well as our Library and Training sections. Or you can navigate to them directly by clicking on one of the following links:

ISP Initial Request

End-User Request

AS Number Request

Transfer Request

These documents are only summaries. Complete information about the policies and guidelines ARIN uses in allocating Internet numbering resources can be found on our website under the Registration Services and Policy sections.

We would enjoy hearing feedback about these flowcharts, so address any comments to and include the name of the flowchart you are providing feedback on. Please be aware that these interactive flowcharts require that JavaScript be enabled within your browser. ARIN is also working on creating more content, in a variety of formats, for an upcoming "QuickStart" section on the website that will provide additional guidance in interacting with ARIN.


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