Policy Proposals for Discussion at ARIN X

Posted: Mon, 23 Sep 2002

To All Interested Parties:

ARIN will hold its next Public Policy Meeting in Eugene, Oregon on October 30th through 31st, 2002. Meeting and registration details can be found on the ARIN X Meeting page.

ARIN's Internet Resource Policy Evaluation Process specifies that policy proposals must be posted to the ARIN mailing lists at least 30 days prior to an ARIN meeting where they will be discussed. Click here for information about ARIN's Internet Resource Policy Evaluation Process.

ARIN staff has received from various sources policy proposals to be discussed at the upcoming Public Policy Meeting. Each of these proposals will be released as a separate email to the public policy mailing list over the next several days. The progress of each policy proposal will be tracked and documented on the ARIN Policy Proposal Archive page.

The entire Internet community is invited and encouraged to participate in these policy discussions. Your active participation in these discussions will help to form policies that are beneficial to all.

Richard Jimmerson
Director of Operations
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)