Database and Template Conversion Started Today

Posted: Fri, 23 Aug 2002

The conversion to ARIN's new registration services will take place this weekend, starting today, Friday, August 23. You can find an extensive set of information about the conversion on the Database and Template Conversion Information Center page.

The timeline for activities this weekend is as follows:

Friday, August 23

  • New Templates Accepted.
  • Current Templates No Longer Accepted.
  • Links to the new templates are available through the Registration Services section of ARIN's website and ARIN's Library page.

Friday, August 23 through Sunday, August 25

  • All mail is queued for hostmaster and reassign role accounts
  • Phone service will be available 7 AM - 7 PM Friday
  • All other email accounts will remain in service
  • No updates to WHOIS or will take place

Monday, August 26

New WHOIS Format Released

ARIN's website has also been updated to include the new templates and new guidelines that address how to use these templates. Online training is also available through the Training section of ARIN's website, and it provides more information about the new templates and new POC authority structure. As some URLs will have changed because of the conversion, please be sure to update any bookmarks you have to our site.