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For Immediate Release
4 January 2010

Marissa Ramey

Looming Internet Address Space Crisis Quickly Becoming One of Key Issues, Panel Sessions at 2010 CES


Las Vegas, NV and Chantilly, VA – The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN), a nonprofit that manages the distribution of Internet number resources, announced today its President and CEO John Curran will participate in an expert panel, "The Looming Internet Address Space Crisis" at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on Friday, January 8, 2010 at 1:30PM, in Room S225 of the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.  The panel will explore what needs to be done to face one of the biggest challenges the Internet community has yet seen – we’re running out of Internet Protocol addresses.

This year, CES will help launch hundreds, if not thousands of new products that connect to the Internet.  Each of those devices requires its own unique IP address. When the Internet was originally built, an addressing system was used that allows for just over four billion unique IP addresses.  While this number at one time seemed huge, the Internet community is on pace to run out very soon – just over 10% of IPv4 addresses remain. The industry must therefore adopt a new protocol, IPv6, which will allow an effectively unlimited number of unique addresses.  The session at CES will explain what actions Internet-dependent businesses must take now to survive and thrive beyond 2010, and how global organizations can otherwise prepare for an IPv6 world.

Curran joins an esteemed panel moderated by Limor Schafman, immediate Past President of the IPv6 Forum Israel Chapter, comprising experts on Internet addressing from both the public and private sectors.  Participating in the panel will be: Pasi Hurri, President and CEO for BaseN Corporation; Erik Kline, IPv6 Software Engineer at Google, Inc.; Steven Pirzchalski, Director, Enterprise Network Services/Office of Enterprise Communications for the US Department of Veterans Affairs; and Steve Reynolds, SVP - CPE and Home Networking for Comcast.

"This is an impressive group of minds that truly understand how the Internet runs and how it will run in the future," said Schafman. "Especially against the backdrop of all these incredible Internet-powered devices at CES, it’s imperative for decision-makers to fully understand the importance of IPv6 adoption and the potential fallout from failing to act.  I’m confident this group will hammer that home and provide the vision for getting it done."

About the American Registry for Internet Numbers

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