Board Meeting:

Tuesday, 18 June 2013



  • Timothy Denton, Chair

  • Paul Andersen, Treasurer/Vice Chair

  • Vint Cerf, Trustee
  • John Curran, President & CEO

  • Aaron Hughes, Trustee

  • Paul Vixie, Secretary
  • Bill Woodcock, Trustee

Note Taker:

  • Thérèse Colosi

ARIN Staff:

  • Michael Abejuela, Assoc. General Counsel

  • Nate Davis, COO


  • Stephen Ryan, Esq

1. Welcome & Agenda Review

The Chair called the meeting to order at 11:05 a.m. EDT. The presence of quorum was noted; and, the Chair reviewed the agenda with the Board.

2. Approval of the Consent Agenda.

  1. Minutes of the 22 April 2013 Board Meeting.
  2. Proposed Changes to Audit Committee Charter.
  3. Proposed Changes to Finance Committee Charter.

It was moved by Vint Cerf, and seconded by Paul Andersen, that:

"The ARIN Board of Trustees approves items A, B, and C, as proposed."

The motion to approve the consent agenda carried with no objections.

3. Changes to ARIN Investment Policy

The President reviewed recommendations by the Finance Committee (FinCom). He noted that he preferred having two signing officers on any movement of funds, although having one signing officer was not uncommon.

It was moved by Paul Andersen, as Treasurer, and seconded by Paul Vixie, that:

"The ARIN Finance Committee recommends that the ARIN Board of Trustees adopt the modification, as presented, to the 2013 Investment Policy: i) that requires the Investment Consultant to receive verbal approval from two (2) of ARIN's Signing Officers before withdrawing and transferring investment funds; and, ii) that changes the contact for 'Withdrawals of Investments' from the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to the Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Bill Woodcock joined at this time (11:09 a.m. EDT).

The motion carried unanimously via roll call vote.

4. Ratification of ARIN 2012-2: IPv6 Subsequent Allocations Utilization

At their 16 May 2013 meeting, the ARIN Advisory Council recommended ratification of this policy by the ARIN Board.

It was moved by Vint Cerf, and seconded by Paul Andersen, that:

"The ARIN Board of Trustees, based on the recommendation of the ARIN Advisory Council, and noting that the Policy Development Process has been followed, adopts ARIN 2012-2: IPv6 Subsequent Allocations Utilization."

The President stated that this policy had followed ARIN's Policy Development Process (PDP).  Vint Cerf commented that the recommendation of IPv6 utilization was very reasonable.

The motion carried with all in favor via roll call vote.

5. ARIN Fee Structure

The President noted that the revised fee structure was being rolled out. He also provided an update on the Fee Structure Review Committee, noting that 34 volunteers were received from the community, and three to five would be selected to work with the members of the FinCom. This committee would write a report, by ARIN 32 in October, which would highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the fee structure, and alternative fee structures.

6. Financial Services Department Structure

The COO noted the Treasurer's summary email posted to the Boards list on this topic. He stated that he had spoken with the FinCom regarding filling the position for a CFO. It was decided that a CFO-level financial position was not needed at this time; and, it was recommended that ARIN leverage its existing capabilities and qualifications by promoting Val Winkelman as the Director of Financial Services. Prior to ARIN having a CFO, this was the position that led the financial services team within ARIN. The Treasurer stated that the FinCom was comfortable with this direction.

7. Appointments to the Nominations Committee (NomCom)

Board actions detailed below.

i. Appoint a Vote Counter from the Board.  (Bylaws, Article VIII, Section 4.c.)

Aaron Hughes proposed himself as volunteer.

It was moved by Paul Andersen and seconded by John Curran, that:

"Resolved, that the ARIN Board of Trustees appoints Aaron Hughes to be Election Vote Counter for the 2013 Elections."

The motion carried unanimously via roll call.

ii.  Appoint two Board NomCom Members, one of which is the NomCom Chair.

Bill Woodcock and Paul Andersen volunteered.

iii. Appoint the 2013 NomCom, to include ARIN Advisory Council NomCom Members: Heather Schiller and Rob Seastrom.

It was moved by Paul Andersen, and seconded by Tim Denton, that:

"Resolved, that the ARIN Board of Trustees appoints: Heather Schiller and Rob Seastrom, of the ARIN Advisory Council; and, Bill Woodcock, and Paul Andersen, of the ARIN Board, as Nomination Committee Members, with Bill Woodcock serving as Chair of the Committee."

The motion carried with all in favor.

8. Customer Advocacy

The President confidentially briefed the Board on ARIN customer relations and community advocacy.

9. ARIN & NANOG Meetings

The President confidentially briefed the Board on this topic. It was the sense of the Board that they discuss the matter further at their August workshop.

10. ARIN Public Policy Consultations (PPC)

At the last ARIN Advisory Council (AC) meeting, the President stated that he would seek the Board's approval to clarify that Recommended Draft Policies could be presented at Public Policy Consultations (PPCs); and, afterwards, be forwarded to 'last call'.

Discussion ensued regarding the merits of PPCs and the AC's judgment of their outcomes to recommend policies to the Board. After discussion, the President stated that he would prepare a briefing for the Board to consider at their August workshop.

11. Any Other Business

The Chair called for any other business. There was no other business.

12. Adjournment

The Chair entertained a motion to adjourn at 11:56 a.m. EDT. The meeting was adjourned with no objections.