Board Meeting:

Friday, 29 June 2001


  • Scott Bradner
  • David Conrad
  • John Curran
  • Scott Marcus
  • Ray Plzak
  • Michael Straty
  • Susan Hamlin; Director, Member Services
  • Sue-Anne O'Connell, Recording Secretary

Chairman of the Board, John Curran, called the meeting to order at 1:05pm. Roll call attendance was taken and all Board members were present.

The meeting agenda was reviewed. Scott Marcus requested that a discussion regarding his job change be added to the agenda. All agreed to add it and the agenda was adopted as revised.

Update on Office Relocation - Ray Plzak reported that ARIN's office relocation plans are moving along well, with a target move date of mid-December.

Review of draft agenda for July 27 meeting - The draft agenda was reviewed and accepted without change.

Web Hosting Recommendation - The board tabled discussion on this item until the ARIN Advisory Council's recommendation is placed on the public policy mailing list for final comment, in accordance with ARIN's Internet Resource Policy Evaluation Process.

Investment Committee Report - Following review and discussion of the draft investment proposal, the Board agreed to await additional information from the investment committee and forgo further discussion until the July 27, 2001 Board meeting.

Advisory Council Discussion on IPv6 - The Board reviewed ongoing discussion on the ARIN Advisory Council mailing list regarding adoption of the IESG/IAB IPv6 allocation recommendation.

ACTION ITEM: The Board asked Ray Plzak to contact the Advisory Council through its mailing list and request that they take action on the IPv6 recommendation or formulate an alternative in a timely fashion.

Volunteers for the Nomination Committee - David Conrad and Scott Marcus volunteered to serve as the Board representatives on the Nomination Committee for the Fall 2001 elections. Further, David Conrad volunteered to serve as Chairman of the Committee.

New Logo - Ray Plzak requested Board comment on the proposed new logo for ARIN. General comments were in favor of this logo.

Agenda Addendum - Scott Marcus announced that he has accepted a new position with the FCC. The Board reviewed the implications and agreed that there are no issues with a board member who also works for the federal government. Scott noted that he would excuse himself from any discussions that created a conflict of interest.

Other business - Ray Plzak announced that the next ARIN Public Policy and Members meeting will be held in Miami, Florida from 28 - 31 October 2001.

Adjournment - Scott Bradner moved that the meeting adjourn at 2:04pm. Ray Plzak seconded the motion, which was passed by unanimous vote - 6 ayes, 0 nays, 0 abstentions.