Board Meeting:

Monday, 03 April 2000
Calgary, Alberta


  • Scott Bradner (via teleconference)
  • David Conrad
  • John Curran
  • Kim Hubbard
  • Scott Marcus
  • Michael Straty
  • Dennis Molloy, ARIN Counsel
  • Susan Hamlin, Notetaker

Chairman of the Board John Curran called the meeting to order at 5:35 PM. The meeting agenda was reviewed and unanimously adopted without revision.

Status of the President's Departure - Kim Hubbard reported that Korn/Ferry International has been contracted to conduct the search for ARIN's next president. Kim announced her departure to the Advisory Council on Sunday evening, April 2nd and to the members present at the Public Policy Meeting earlier today. Contact information for those interested in applying for the position will be posted on the ARIN website and a general announcement will be sent to members via the mailing list.

A general discussion on the role of ARIN in the future ensued. Kim Hubbard agreed to provide the Board with an informal statement of her views on this matter, as background for the new president.

Compensation Committee Report - Scott Bradner reported that the Compensation Committee had reviewed the President's performance for the previous year, and finding it to be exceptional issued a salary increase. David Conrad made a motion to accept the report. Scott Marcus seconded the motion, and discussion was called for. Scott Bradner noted that while some adjustment was made to reflect market conditions, a more formal survey of industry salaries would be appropriate in order to determine appropriate compensation for the ARIN president. The Compensation Committee report was then unanimously approved.

It was noted that with Don Telage's resignation from the Board, the Compensation Committee lost its third member. Committee members John Curran and Scott Bradner suggested a replacement would be helpful. David Conrad volunteered to join the Compensation Committee. A motion was to appoint David Conrad to the Compensation Committee was made by Kim Hubbard and seconded by Michael Straty. There being no discussion, a vote was taken and David Conrad was unanimously appointed to the Compensation Committee.

ARIN Security - Michael Straty raised the subject of a disaster recovery plan for ARIN. Following general discussion, the Board agreed to further review the issue. Chairman Curran suggested that the Board conduct a formal study to determine what contingencies should be taken into consideration, and what level of security each would require in order to guarantee the continued operation of ARIN. Michael Straty provided sample documentation for distribution to the Board members. This issue will be addressed at subsequent Board meetings.

ICANN Contract Review - Kim Hubbard reported that ARIN members would be presented with a summary of the draft contract with ICANN at the meeting on Wednesday. At that time member input will be solicited and approval will be sought. Scott Bradner moved to support the sending of the draft contract to ICANN, pending member approval, with a copy going concurrently to the Department of Commerce and the House Commerce Committee. Kim Hubbard seconded the motion. It was approved by unanimous vote.

New Business - Scott Marcus raised the issue of ARIN's public outreach. Kim Hubbard reported on numerous ARIN activities, including the work of lobbying consultants to educate the Congress about ARIN, presentations by the President to various organizations, ARIN tutorials at NANOG meetings, and the daily interaction with the public through the ARIN help desk. While no specific actions were recommended, the Board will continue to discuss this topic in subsequent meetings.

Next Board of Trustees Meeting - The next ARIN Board of Trustees meeting was schedule for Monday, June 12th in Chantilly, VA.

Kim Hubbard moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:40 PM. David Conrad seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.