Board Meeting:

11 April 1999
Atlanta, GA

The meeting was called to order by John Curran, Chairman, at 12:09pm. In attendance were Scott Bradner, John Curran, Kim Hubbard and Don Telage, Trustees and Ken Fockler, Treasurer. Also in attendance were Dennis Molloy, ARIN counsel and Mary K. Lee, notetaker. Doug Humphrey and Mike Straty did not attend the meeting.

The minutes of the September 21 teleconference were reviewed. Scott Bradner moved that the minutes be accepted and Don Telage seconded this motion. It was passed unanimously. The minutes of the December 18 teleconference were reviewed. John Curran called for a vote and Scott Bradner then motioned that the minutes be accepted and Don Telage seconded. The vote was unanimous. The minutes of the January 15 Board of Trustees meeting in Chantilly were also reviewed. Scott moved that the minutes be accepted, Don seconded this motion and the motion was passed unanimously.

Operational Status.  ARIN staffing. Kim Hubbard stated that ARIN had recently hired a Director of Engineering and a Systems Administrator. The staff will be further augmented by a Business Analyst and a Software Engineer. The only outstanding vacancy is the Registration Services Group manager position.

Operational issues. Kim Hubbard noted that ARIN is ready for basic registration for IPv6, but also noted that IPv6 addresses could not actually be allocated until an allocation policy was approved. Kim Hubbard will also be conferring with Merit about the future of the Merit routing registry. She further noted that participation in the routing registry is completely voluntary. The routing registry will be discussed by the members during tomorrow's Working Groups.

IPv6 Allocation Rules. In preparation for the Member Meeting on April 12 and 13, the Board discussed various aspects of IPv6 allocation.

Fiscal 1999 Budget. Kim Hubbard presented the proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year. The budget was reviewed by the Board. Scott made a motion to accept the budget. Don seconded this motion and it was carried unanimously.

Address Supporting Organization (ASO). The ASO will be meeting at the Hyatt on Monday evening from 7-10pm. No members of the ICANN board were available to attend this meeting.

The ARIN Board agreed that a RIR only ASO membership was appropriate but having open, public policy meetings would be necessary. Scott Bradner suggested that ARIN consider adding an open meeting to the ARIN yearly schedule of meetings. This meeting would be for policy development. These suggestions would then be further discussed and shaped at the Member Meeting. If the members so desired, these policy suggestions would be passed along to the Advisory Council for eventual presentation to the Board of Trustees. Scott Bradner's suggestion for this open meeting will be introduced at the Member's working groups on Monday and at the general session on Tuesday.

ARIN/ICANN contract. Scott Bradner asked Dennis Molloy if, at some point, ICANN was blessed by the Department of Commerce to perform the job that the IANA currently does and if so, should ARIN then have a contract with ICANN. Dennis Molloy replied yes, that a contract between ARIN and ICANN would be in order. ARIN should be looking towards working on a contract with ICANN. John Curran suggested that ARIN send a letter to the ICANN stating that ARIN is in expectation of a contract with ICANN. He further suggested that this letter should include a question asking ICANN for a copy of their agreement with the U.S. government.

Action item: Kim Hubbard will send a letter to ICANN stating that ARIN is in expectation of a contract between ARIN and ICANN. ICANN will be asked to provide ARIN a copy of the contract that ICANN has with the U.S. government.

Ken Fockler asked about the status of AFRINIC and LATINIC. Some representatives of AFRINIC may be attending the meetings and LATINIC will be giving an update at the Member Meeting on Tuesday.

Dennis Molloy is working on the policy development for direct member election of Trustees to the Board. He will be reporting to the Board on this matter.

Scott Bradner moved that meeting be adjourned. Don Telage seconded this motion and the meeting was adjourned at 4:20PM.