Board Meeting: 21 September 1998


  • Scott Bradner
  • John Curran
  • Doug Humphrey
  • Ken Fockler
  • Kim Hubbard, ARIN President
  • Dennis Molloy, ARIN Counsel
  • Mary K. Lee, notetaker

The meeting was called to order at 10:10 am. Don Telage was not in attendance. Today s meeting includes two agenda items for discussion. The first item for consideration is ARIN s response to the draft bylaws proposed by IANA and NSI for the new internet organization, which were released on September 17. The second item is the upcoming election of a new Board of Trustees member.

Some general discussion ensued concerning what ARIN s position as a Supporting Organization (SO) would be with the new corporation and under what guise the members would be represented. John suggested that one possibility could be a two tier level of membership in the new organization; the first to include the regional registries who would have voting privileges and a second tier for general membership that would not include voting privileges.

Action item: Kim will write up a description of these proposed membership categories for our Address Supporting Organization. Scott stated that our main objective at this juncture is to state our overall approach without going into minute details. Kim will also let RIPE and APNIC know that we are working on a response.

RIPE will be sending their response about the draft bylaws today.

Action item: Kim will write a response to the bylaws proposal concerning two issues. One is concerning the veto power of the SO s in Article VI, Section 1 and the other is the posting of minutes in Article III, Section 2.

Action item: John will post the suggestion for the two-tier membership idea to the "GAR" mailing list for discussion.

The board had a discussion on filling the seat that will come open upon the completion of Ken Fockler s one-year term.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.