Board Meeting: 25 June 1998


  • John Curran
  • Kim Hubbard
  • Ken Fockler
  • Art McKee
  • Dennis Molloy
  • Don Telage

The meeting was called to order at 10:15a.m. It was noted that Doug Humphrey and Scott Bradner were not in attendance. The requirements for a quorum were satisfied.

Two items comprised the agenda. The first item was to discuss attendance by ARIN at the Global Incorporation Alliance Network workshops at the Reston Hyatt on July 1-2, 1998. The second agenda item was a discussion of possible changes to the bylaws.

Item 1: John opened the discussion by stating that ARIN should attend the workshop and should be represented by the President of ARIN. John will be attending as the representative for GTE, Don will be attending as a representative for NSI, and Ken will be attending as a representative of the Canadian Association of Internet Providers. It was mentioned that Scott Bradner would probably be attending, also. It was noted that this is an open meeting.

After further discussion of the workshop, Don put forth a motion stating that ARIN should attend the meeting in an official capacity and that Kim, the President of ARIN, should be the ARIN representative. The motion was seconded by Ken and carried with no opposing votes. Kim will communicate this information to the appropriate mailing list.

Item 2: Dennis gave a brief summary of the recommended changes to the bylaws. The proposed changes under Article VIII are as follows: section 7 would permit Advisory Council meetings and conferences to be held by telephonic means (as is presently the case for the BoT); section 10 would allow the AC to recommend to the BoT the removal of an AC member, with the requirement that the AC member whose dismissal is being considered be provided with ten days notice; section 11 would give the Trustees authority to act on these recommendations.

In the discussion that followed, one of the questions raised was "How does the AC propose to give notice to a member who is recommended for removal". Dennis noted that it is the BoT who has fiduciary responsibility to the members, not the AC. The AC reports to the Board. After some further discussion about the proposed bylaw changes, it was decided to table this topic until the BoT meeting scheduled for June 30 in Boston.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:45 a.m.