Meeting of the ARIN Advisory Council

Thursday, 18 December 2014


Advisory Council Attendees:

  • John Sweeting, Chair (JSw)
  • Dan Alexander, Vice Chair (DA)
  • Bill Darte (BD)
  • Owen DeLong (OD)
  • Andrew Dul (AD)
  • David Farmer (DF)
  • Scott Leibrand (SL)
  • Tina Morris (TM)
  • Milton Mueller (MM)
  • Robert Seastrom (RS)
  • John Springer (JSp)

Minute Taker:

  • Therese Colosi

ARIN Staff:

  • Michael Abejuela (MA), Assoc. General Counsel
  • Einar Bohlin (EB), Sr. Policy Analyst
  • Richard Jimmerson, CIO
  • Leslie Nobile, (LN) Director, Registration Services

ARIN General Counsel

  • Stephen Ryan, Esq.


2015 AC Members-elect:

  • Leif Sawyer
  • Chris Tacit


  • Cathy Aronson, Kevin Blumberg


  • Heather Schiller

1. Welcome

The Chair called the meeting to order at 4:05 p.m. EST. The presence of quorum was noted.

2. Agenda Review

The Chair reviewed the agenda with the AC and called for any comments. There were no comments.

3. Approval of the Minutes

It was moved by OD, and seconded by BD, that:

"The Advisory Council approves the Minutes of 20 November 2014, as written."

The Chair called for discussion. There were no comments.

KB joined at this time (4:07 p.m. EST)

The motion carried with no objections.

4. Draft Policy ARIN-2014-1: Out of Region Use

MM stated that he was unsure that the utilization details were needed on all requests instead of on the requests where there were significant reasons to suspect duplicate requests. The current wording restricts it to ARIN members. Membership requires legal presence, but the staff and legal review implies that it could apply to non-members who have resources.

DF stated that the text does not need to be restricted to ARIN members. OD agreed stating that it would mostly be end-users that would utilize the policy. MM stated, for clarification, that if end users were requesting resources, they would not have to be ARIN members (excluding legacy). The AC confirmed that was correct.

The CIO explained that ARIN has 5,000 members who pay fees, but on an annual basis, ARIN conducts fee transactions with approximately 20,000 organizations throughout the year. LN further explained that ARIN vets all organizations registered in its database – that includes anyone who sets up an ORG ID in the database, not just ARIN members.  In response to a question raised by MM regarding verification of out of region resources, LN stated that if an organization has address space in another region and is asking ARIN for space for use in that region, ARIN is going to request utilization information for all of the address space used in that region 

Given this, MM suggested deleting the words '...member in good standing' from the Draft Policy. All agreed.

It was moved by MM, and seconded by OD, that:

"The ARIN Advisory Council recommends 'Draft Policy ARIN-2014-1: Out of Region Use' for      adoption, as amended."

The Chair called for discussion. No further discussion.

The motion carried unanimously via roll call vote.

5. Draft Policy ARIN-2014-6: Remove 7.1 (Maintaining IN-ADDRS)

RS stated that there was no update at this time.

6. Recommended Draft Policy ARIN-2014-9: Resolve Conflict Between RSA and 8.2 Utilization Requirements

The ARIN Board, at their meeting on 12 January 2015, will review this Recommended Draft Policy for ratification.

7. Draft Policy ARIN-2014-14: Removing Needs Test from Small IPv4 Transfers

JSp stated that he was working on revising the text and that OD's comments were very helpful. JSp stated that he was open to other comments from the AC, and would have the revised text done by January.

8. Draft Policy ARIN-2014-17: Change Utilization Requirements from Last-Allocation to Total-Aggregate

It was moved by AD, and seconded by BD, that:

"The ARIN Advisory Council recommends 'Draft Policy ARIN-2014-17: Change Utilization           Requirements from Last-Allocation to Total-Aggregate' for adoption."

The Chair called for discussion. AD stated that at the last ARIN Public Policy Meeting (PPM) the AC worked with the community concern to deal with the feedback from the staff and legal report, by adding text to reflect 50% utilization for each net block.  He believed this resolved the community's concerns and noted that the community accepted it on the Public Policy Mailing List (PPML) as well. He believed it was time to move the draft policy forward.

SL asked if the intent was to present the draft policy at the ARIN Public Policy Consultation (PPC - to be held during NANOG 63 next February) and then advance it to last call, or to wait and present it at the next ARIN PPM next April.

AD replied the intent was to present it at the PPC and advance it. OD agreed. SL believed there were concerns about this change being perceived as pulling the rug out from under the free pool as people will qualify for space and it would cause a run on space. AD believed this was resolved with the 50% utilization requirement. SL accepted this, but wondered if the policy went to last call after the PPC, would it interfere with the Policy Development Process (PDP) timeline.

The Chair explained that it would not. The PDP allows for last call but the AC has to vote it to that stage, and then have at least 10 AC members vote for it, in order to move it to ratification by the ARIN Board.

DF also stated that the AC could work with staff on the implementation timetable of the policy. If IPv4 run out is imminent, ARIN can hold off on implementing the policy so as to avoid the concern raised by SL.  The Chair agreed.

The motion carried unanimously via roll call vote.

9. Draft Policy ARIN-2014-19: New MDN Allocation Based on Past Utilization

AD stated that he and CA believed it should move forward for further discussion, as a recommended draft policy.

It was moved by AD, and seconded by SL, that:           

"The ARIN Advisory Council recommends 'Draft Policy ARIN-2014-19: New MDN Allocation Based on Past Utilization' for adoption."

The Chair called for discussion. The Chair asked AD if he had submitted a statement to the AC on this policy. AD stated he had not, but would send it to the AC as soon as possible if the motion passed.

The Chair reminded MM to send the AC a statement on 2014-1 as well, before Monday of next week.

AD stated a concern that this was only supported by a limited number of members of community and he would like to see more support. He noted it that the text was sound and implementable as currently written. He stated it would go back to the PPML and the PPC to be discussed.

OD stated that the MDN contained a limited subset of the community anyway, so the support it was seeing might be as good as it gets. The Chair agreed with OD.

The motion carried unanimously via roll call vote.

10. Draft Policy ARIN-2014-21: Modification to CI Pool Size per Section 4.4

DF stated that there was no update at this time.

11. Draft Policy ARIN-2014-22: Removal of Minimum in Section 4.10

It was moved by HS, and seconded by BD, that:

"The ARIN Advisory Council accepts 'ARIN-Prop-214: Removal of Minimum in Section 4.10' as a Draft Policy."

The Chair called for discussion. There were no comments.

The motion carried with all in favor via roll call vote.

12. Any Other Business

The Chair called for any other business. CIO, BD, OD and RS requested time.

Farewell to Outgoing AC Members. 

The CIO stated that BD had been with the ARIN Advisory Council since 1997 - since the inception of ARIN.  John Sweeting had been with the Council from 2000 to 2005 and was re-elected in 2008 until the present time. He stated that they had decided not to run for the re-election, and that their time with the group was coming to a close.

The CIO stated that staff would miss Bill Darte greatly. Bill was the first one involved in the Community Education Working Group (CLEW), and the first to get people to come together and discuss things. It was amazing work.

He stated that John Sweeting has been an extraordinary leader of the AC as its Chair; and, he would also be greatly missed.

To the AC, the CIO stated that ARIN is as strong and thriving as it is due to the work of the whole of the AC. Many times this AC has stepped forward to assist the organization and, as volunteers, do quite a bit of work. He conveyed that ARIN staff was grateful to each of them.

He cited examples stated that early participation in ARIN was a big undertaking to get people interested, and then there was crafting of the Policy Development Process. The AC worked with staff and BoT to mold this strong process for the organization. IPv4 outreach was also a huge project effort, and the AC stepped up to assist ARIN again. The CIO thanked them for their tremendous effort, citing these as just a few examples of wonderful work. He stated that the ARIN staff wished both Bill and John the best going forward.

Bill Darte stated that one of the things he was most proud of was the opportunity to work with great people on the AC and the ARIN staff for all of these years. He expressed pride in accomplishing together the emergence of LACNIC and AFRINIC, stating that the Internet has a complete worldwide infrastructure. He expressed that it was great to be involved with it and everyone at ARIN and thanked them for the opportunity.

John Sweeting stated that the journey and growth had been amazing: coming together and producing the best policies. It could not have been done without the AC and ARIN staff.  He thanked everyone for letting him have the opportunity to act as the AC's Chair. He noted he would not 'disappear' and that he was not going to lose touch.

It was moved by AD, and seconded by RS, that:

"The ARIN AC would like to thank John Sweeting & Bill Darte for their service to ARIN, the Internet community, and the ARIN Advisory Council.  The AC would also like to thank John Sweeting for his service as the Chair of the AC.  The ARIN AC would like to thank Bill Darte, for his service since 1997, ARIN's inception.  Their services to the Internet community on the ARIN Advisory Council will be missed."

The motion carried by acclamation.

OD stated to Bill Darte that he has been a friend, mentor and colleague and that he would miss him. He hated to see Bill leave the AC, and his departure would leave a void impossible to fill. Bill's contributions have been remarkable, consistent, and above and beyond.  To John Sweeting, OD stated that as the Chair of the AC for the past six years, he has been the best one OD had seen and similarly hated to see John depart the Council.

RS stated this echoed his own sentiments. He would miss Bill very much; and that the next Chair of the AC would curse John Sweeting for setting the bar so high.

John Sweeting stated that he had tried hard and hopefully set a good example. We've been through a lot together, but we never got distracted and we got the job done. I thank you for that.

Bill wished everyone safe and happy holidays.

13. Adjournment

The Chair entertained a motion to adjourn at 5:02 p.m. EST. BD moved to adjourn, seconded by SL. The meeting adjourned with no objections.