Meeting of the ARIN Advisory Council

Thursday, 15 September 2011


Advisory Council Attendees:

  • John Sweeting, Chair
  • Scott Leibrand, Vice Chair (SL) 
  • Dan Alexander (DA)
  • Cathy Aronson (CA) 
  • Owen DeLong (OD)
  • Marty Hannigan (MH) 
  • David Farmer (DF) 
  • Chris Grundemann (CG)  
  • Stacy Hughes (SH)
  • Chris Morrow (CM) 
  • Bill Sandiford (BS)   
  • Rob Seastrom (RS)  

Minute Taker

  • Einar Bohlin

ARIN Staff:

  • Michael Abejuela (MA), Staff Attorney
  • John Curran, President & CEO
  • Leslie Nobile (LN), Director, Registration Services


  • Stephen Ryan, Esq.


  • Marc Crandall, Bill Darte, Heather Schiller

1. Welcome

The Chair called the meeting to order at 4:11 p.m. EDT. The presence of quorum was noted.

2. Agenda Bashing

The Chair called for any comments. The Chair added discussion of the First Timers Luncheon and Lunch Table Topics to Any Other Business.

3. Approval of the Minutes

It was moved by SL, and seconded by SH, that:

"The ARIN Advisory Council approves the Minutes of August 18, 2011, as written."

The Chair called for any comments. There were no comments.

The motion carried with no objections.

4. ARIN-2011-1: Globally Coordinated Transfer Policy

SL stated that he would review the proposal text to see if any edits are required. The Chair stated that he would touch base with BD.

5. ARIN-2011-7: Compliance Requirement

CG stated that he had updated the proposal text on the AC’s WIKI, per suggested revisions from Counsel. The Chair asked CG to send text to the list and have the ARIN website updated.

6. ARIN-2011-8: Combined M&A and Specified Transfers

SL indicated that the text is ready for the ARIN Public Policy Meeting (PPM) in October to be held in Philadelphia.

7. ARIN-2011-9: Global Policy for Post-Exhaustion IPv4 Allocation Mechanisms by the IANA

DF stated that he intends to update the rationale. The updates stem from assessments that were done by IANA staff, and requested by RIPE. He read the revised text to the AC. Discussion ensued regarding the usage of “should” versus “shall.” OD suggested that the revision be part of the policy text instead of the rationale.

The President stated that the revision should not be part of the policy text because ARIN cannot instruct the IANA to work with the IETF. SL agreed. RS raised an issue with the use of “shall”, and the President pointed out one option is to use the “must” and “should” terminology from RFC 2119. DF stated that he would consider that, and choose the correct terms.

8. ARIN-2011-10: Remove Single Aggregate Requirement from Specified Transfer

SL indicated that the text is ready for the PPM.

9. ARIN-2011-11: Clarify Justified Need for Transfers

CM stated that the text is ready for the PPM. The Chair reminded the AC that while small edits can be made until the text is frozen, large changes to the intent can no longer be made.

10. ARIN-2011-12: Set Transfer Need to 24 Months and Clarify Exception

RS and MH agreed that the text is ready for the PPM.

11. ARIN-2011-13: IPv4 Number Resources for Use Within Region

BS and CA stated that the text is ready for the PPM.

12. ARIN-Prop-151: Limiting Needs Requirements for IPv4 Transfers

DA stated that there was nothing new to report.

13. ARIN-Prop-153: Correct Erroneous Syntax in NRPM 8.3

CA stated there was nothing new to report.

14. ARIN-prop-156: Update 8.3 to allow Inter-RIR Transfers

It was moved by DF and seconded by MH that:

"The ARIN Advisory Council, having reviewed the proposal entitled ‘Update 8.3 to allow Inter-RIR Transfers’, abandons it. The Council requests that the President advise the community of the availability of the Petition Process."

The Chair called for any comments. DF stated that the APNIC community was concerned about this proposal, and considered it would be a sign of good faith to abandon it. He stated that abandoning this would also reinforce that APNIC is doing the right thing. SL stated this proposal would have been necessary if the APNIC region did not have a needs-based transfer policy, and as the author of the proposal, agreed it is no longer needed and supported the motion.

The Chair called for a roll call vote. The motion carried unanimously.

15. Any Other Business

The Chair called for any other business.  He stated that Proposals 151 and 153 would be Lunch Table Topics, which will be held on Thursday of the PPM. The Chair asked the AC to forward any other topics to him.

The Chair stated that per ARIN staff, the following from the AC are invited to the First Timers luncheon: the Chair, the Vice Chair, and the AC Mentors.

The Chair reminded the primary shepherds to work on their presentations.

BS mentioned that the ARIN on the Road Montreal Meeting took place this week, said it was a great success, and thanked the ARIN staff for a job well done.

16. Adjournment

The Chair entertained a motion to adjourn at 4:37 p.m. EDT. SH moved to adjourn, seconded by CA. The meeting adjourned with no objections.