Meeting of the ARIN Advisory Council

Thursday, 18 March 2010



  • John Sweeting, Chair
  • Robert Seastrom (RS), Vice Chair
  • Dan Alexander (DA)
  • Cathy Aronson (CA)
  • Marla Azinger (MA)
  • Bill Darte (BD)
  • Owen DeLong (OD)
  • David Farmer (DF)
  • Scott Leibrand (SL)
  • Chris Morrow (CM)
  • Heather Schiller (HS)
  • Tom Zeller (TZ)

Minute Taker

  • Therese Colosi

ARIN Staff:

  • Einar Bohlin, Policy Analyst
  • John Curran, President & CEO
  • Nate Davis, COO
  • Cathy Murphy, Director, Staff Attorney


    • Marc Crandall, Stacy Hughes, Bill Sandiford

1. Welcome

The Chair called the meeting to order at 4:04 p.m. EDT. The presence of quorum was noted.

2. Agenda Bashing

The Chair called for any comments. DF requested a discussion of non-connected networks/ULA. DA offered an overview from the recent ITU Meeting he attended in Geneva. The Chair added these items to the agenda under ‘Any Other Business’.

3. Approval of the Minutes

It was moved by SL and seconded by OD that:

“The ARIN Advisory Council approves the Minutes of February 18, 2010, as written.”

The Chair called for any comments. There were no comments.

The motion carried unanimously with no objections.

4. Draft Policy 2010-1: Waiting List for Un-Met IPv4 Requests

SL stated that there have been no updates since the AC’s last meeting. The Chair requested he encourage discussion on the Public Policy Mailing List (PPML) for the next few weeks before the ARIN XXV meeting in Toronto. SL agreed.

5. Draft Policy 2010-2:  /24 End User Minimum Allocation Unit

OD stated that he made a minor revision and it is ready for ARIN XXV. The Chair reminded the AC, with regard to revisions, that all text needs to be ‘frozen’ 10 days before the ARIN meeting.

6. Draft Policy 2010-3: Customer Confidentiality

OD stated that it is ready for ARIN XXV. It’s a petitioned draft policy and expressions of pro and cons are 50/50 split on the PPML. There will be more discussion in Toronto.

7. Draft Policy 2010-4: Re-Work of IPv6 Allocation Criteria

CA stated that it is ready for ARIN XXV.

8. Draft Policy 2010-5: Reduce and Simplify IPv4 Initial Allocations

HS stated that there have not been any comments on the PPML and it is ready for discussion at ARIN XXV.

9.  Draft Policy 2010-6: Simplified M&A Transfer Policy

SL stated it is ready for ARIN XXV, and there have been no comments on PPML.

10. Draft Policy 2010-7: Simplified IPv6 Policy

DF stated that there have been no comments on the PPML, but that he will try to encourage it. There will be discussion in Toronto.

11. Draft Policy 2010-8: Rework of IPv6 Assignment Criteria

DF stated that revisions have been made, and were sent to the AC and the PPML. No comments have been received. It is ready for ARIN XXV.

12.  Proposal 109: Standardize IP Reassignment Registration Requirements

CA stated that presentation materials will be ready for discussion in Toronto. DF requested it be scheduled to be discussed in association with Draft Policy 2010-3. OD urged it to be discussed before voting on 2010-3. BD agreed.

The President stated that staff will review the ARIN XXV agenda to address the order in which these items are addressed at the meeting in Toronto.

13. Any Other Business

The Chair called for any other business.

A) Discussion of Non-Connected Network /ULA.  DF stated that related to the reworking of the v6 assignment section, he had started a thread regarding this topic on PPML, and ULA proposals were mentioned. He sent an active draft to the PPML today.  The question of the IETF handling this issue arose.  Discussion ensued with members stating their opinions on who would be the appropriate body to manage v6 space for non-connected networks/ULAs.  MA, who attends all IETF meetings on behalf of ARIN as a representative of the AC, stated that at the last several IETF meetings, this issue has not had any support. She stated the IETF feels the cons are too damaging, and that it is too early to address the issue.

The Chair requested the discussion be continued on AC’s mailing list, if desired.

B) ITU Meeting Update.  DA and the President recently attended the ITU meeting in Geneva, and provided an overview.  The President stated he would also draft a message to the Community on his findings.

The Chair called for any other business. There were no other comments.

14. Adjournment

The Chair entertained a motion to adjourn at 5:07 p.m. EDT. It was moved by BD and seconded by RS to adjourn. The motion carried with no objections.