Meeting of the ARIN Advisory Council

Thursday, 15 December 2005



  • Ron da Silva (RD), Chair
  • Alec Peterson (AP), Vice Chair
  • Paul Andersen (PA)
  • Bill Darte (BD)
  • Mark Kosters (MK)
  • Lea Roberts (LR)
  • Stacy Taylor (ST)
  • Suzanne Woolf (SW)

ARIN Staff:

  • Therese Colosi, Recording Secretary
  • Nate Davis (ND), Director of Operations
  • Ray Plzak (RP), President & CEO


  • Matt Pounsett


  • Marla Azinger
  • Einar Bohlin
  • Andrew Dul
  • Cathy Aronson
  • Rob Seastrom
  • Leo Bicknell


  • Alex Rubenstein
  • John Sweeting

1. Welcome

The Chair called the meeting to order at 4:04 p.m. EDT. The presence of a quorum was noted, as was the presence of non-Council attendees. The Chair welcomed everyone.

2. Agenda Bashing

The Chair called for any comments regarding this Agenda. There were no comments.

3. Proposed Policy: 4-Byte AS Number Policy Proposal

LR moved that:

"The ARIN Advisory Council, having reviewed the proposed policy entitled '4-Byte AS Number Policy Proposal', accepts the text as submitted by the author as a formal policy proposal and, requests the President assign it a formal policy proposal number."

This was seconded by BD. The Chair called for discussion. SW stated that discussion on the PPML may lead to revisions. The motion carried unanimously.

4. Adjournment

The Chair stated entertained a motion to adjourn at 4:08 p.m. EDT. ST moved to adjourn. This was seconded by MK. The motion carried unanimously.