Meeting of the ARIN Advisory Council

01 October 2000
Herndon, Virginia



  • Steve Corbato
  • Bill Darte
  • Mark Kosters
  • Bill Manning
  • Guy Middleton
  • Justin Newton
  • Alec Peterson
  • Jeremy Porter
  • Ron Roberts
  • John Sweeting
  • Cathy Wittbrodt
  • Ray Plzak, ARIN President
  • David Conrad, ARIN Board of Trustees
  • Scott Marcus, ARIN Board of Trustees
  • Kim Hubbard, ARIN Consultant
  • Dennis Molloy, ARIN Counsel
  • Susan Hamlin, Notetaker
  • Absentee: Tony Li, Hilarie Orman, David Whipple


Alec Peterson, AC Chairman, called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM.

Kim Hubbard asked to be recognized and was given the floor. She explained that she has been retained as a consultant. Next she introduced Ray Plzak, ARIN' s new President. Following a brief overview of Ray's background, the group provided self-introductions.

Alec asked for comments on the agenda. Steve Corbato requested that Cathy Wittbtrodt give an ASO update. Cathy deferred, stating that Raimundo Beca would be making a presentation at the Public Policy meeting tomorrow. There being no other suggestions, the agenda was adopted.

Review of Statistics: ASN burn rate - Scott Marcus led the discussion and a review of statistics regarding the rate of exhaustion of AS numbers. Council members agreed that more data and study was needed, perhaps by a smaller working group. The topic was left for future discussion. Bill Manning agreed to raise the topic within IETF.

Microallocations - Cathy Wittbrodt raised the issue to determine if on-going discussion was needed or if the topic could be dropped. Discussion ensued to determine if any relevant changes were needed to the policy. There being no consensus, by a show of hands it was agreed to move on to another topic.

Reclaiming legacy allocations - Discussion covered the need to educate the community and the public at large on the issue of reclaiming unused allocations, starting with a database cleanup effort. Bill Darte moved that the ARIN President be encouraged to discuss with the other RIRs (Ripe and APNIC) the creation of a plan to proceed with review of all address allocations to confirm their appropriate use and in some cases the need for possible reclamation. Bill Manning seconded the motion. Discussion was called for and there being none the motion was put to vote. It passed by unanimous vote.

IPv6 Temporary Allocation - Following discussion on the issue, Kim Hubbard stated that the ARIN Board discussed the issue at its August 14th meeting and would be presenting its suggestion to the Public Policy meeting on Tuesday. Their suggestion is that current ARIN subscription holders be given IPv6 allocations for free for a specified period of time, either one or two years. The discussion was tabled until after the discussion at the Public Policy meetings.

Virtual Hosting Policy - Discussion centered on whether or not changes were needed to the current policy, and if so, what they should be. A recap of recent mailing list discussion was given. The idea of a White Paper written by the Advisory Council was discussed, but it was decided that additional input was needed. The topic was tabled until after the Public Policy discussion on Monday.

Additional Items - Bill Manning asked for a status report on the RFP for In-ADDR Services. Kim Hubbard reported that ARIN had received several proposals from which a short list of three had been selected. Site visits have been conducted and ARIN is in the process of making a determination.

Next Meeting - It was agreed that the next Advisory Council meeting would be held via teleconference mid next week, perhaps on Tuesday, October 10th. Alec Peterson agreed to coordinate the time.

Justin Newton moved that the meeting adjourn at 9:20 PM. Bill Manning seconded the motion, which was then approved by unanimous vote.