Meeting of the ARIN Advisory Council

27 February 1998



  • John Klensin
  • Bill Darte
  • Michael Dillon
  • Guy Middleton
  • Ed Kern
  • Karl Denninger
  • Michael DeShazo
  • Hank Kilmer
  • David Whipple
  • Samir Saad
  • Alec Peterson
  • Hilarie Orman
  • Kim Hubbard*

*ARIN President.  All others are ARIN Advisory Council.

The meeting was called to order by Hilarie Orman,the chair, at 1:05pm. The agenda of this meeting was to select a slate of nominees to present to the Board of Trustees for the vacant seat on the board. As the requirement for a quorum was satisfied, the AC members discussed the candidates and the needs of the board.

An informal poll of the members found a consensus among the list of potential nominees - Doug Humphrey and Jerry Scharf. A motion to present these two nominees as the slate of nominees to the BoT was seconded and passed unanimously.

Kim Hubbard will record the selection and forward to the BoT and the members the slate of nominees. The members will also be given a list of all the nominees for the BoT seat.

For the record: the AC agreed that this is a reasonable procedure to follow for filling BoT vacancies. This includes the list of attendees at the meeting, the full slate of nominees and a recorded vote.

Kim Hubbard will draft a proposal for the bylaws that will include items such as notice of meetings, agendas, process for email voting and number of days needed for notice.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:40pm.