Meeting of the ARIN Advisory Council

30 January 1998



  • Michael Dillon
  • Michael DeShazo
  • Ed Kern
  • Hilarie Orman
  • Guy Middleton
  • Hank Kilmer
  • Samir Saad
  • David Whipple
  • Kim Hubbard*

*ARIN President.  All others are ARIN Advisory Council.

The meeting was called to order at noon EST. The requirement for a quorum of eight was satisfied. After a short, unstructured discussion, a decision was made to pick a slate of three nominees to present to the Board of Trustees. Each member listed either two or three candidates for the slate. The candidates and their qualifications were briefly discussed.

A unanimous decision was made to present the following slate of nominees to the Board of Trustees: John Klensin, Ken Fockler and Jerry Scharf.

The slate of nominations will be announced. Kim Hubbard will send the list to the Board of Trustees. When the BoT chooses a date for discussing and selecting the next Board member, Kim will announce the minutes and the date of the vote to the members.

Meeting adjourned at 12:20PM.