Meeting of the ARIN Advisory Council

23 January 1998



  • Hilarie Orman
  • Alec Peterson
  • Michael Dillon
  • Avi Freedman
  • Karl Denninger
  • Michael DeShazo
  • John Klensin
  • Guy Middleton
  • David Whipple*
  • Ed Kern
  • Hank Kilmer
  • Jeremy Porter
  • Samir Saad

*Arrived after the first recorded vote.

ARIN President:

  • Kim Hubbard

1. Welcome

The Advisory Council teleconference began at 12 Noon EST. The above members were in attendance.

2. Board Vacancy

The Advisory Council teleconference began at 12 Noon EST. The above members were in attendance. The slate of nominees for the BoT vacancy is listed below:

  • Dave Van Allen
  • Wayne Correia
  • Ken Fockler
  • Doug Humphrey***
  • John Klensin***
  • Craig Neidorf
  • Douglas Ring
  • Jerry Scharf

***Current AC members

Note: Doug Humphrey gave prior notice that he would not be attending the teleconference as he was one of the nominees. John Klensin called in at the beginning of the teleconference but left the call after a few minutes of discussion stating that he would not participate as he was one of the nominees.

It was determined that the vote for the slate of candidates to be presented to the Board of Trustees would be a recorded vote with attached names to the yes, no or abstaining vote of each member.

Late nominations - should they be considered? Wayne Carreia's nomination was received after the deadline of January 20. There was also discussion about John Klensin's nomination being late. Ed Kern stated that he nominated John Klensin before the deadline. However, his nomination form was submitted after the deadline.

A motion to accept late nominations was brought to the floor. The members in attendance voted unanimously not to accept nominations received after the deadline.

There was discussion on whether there must be a completed form for each formal nomination. It was stated that procedure must be followed. An important consideration is whether the AC is following a clear-cut procedure to show to the outside world.

A motion to extend the deadline for nominations to January 27, midnight EST was raised and seconded. The vote was recorded as none opposed, Guy Middleton abstaining and the remaining AC members voting in favor of the motion.

Kim Hubbard will put out a notice to the members and the AC advising them of the extension in the nomination period. The AC asked Kim Hubbard, in her capacity as liaison to the BoT, to explain that the AC was unable to meet the deadline and select the slate of nominees in such a short period of time.

A conference call will take place on January 30, 1998 at 12 Noon, EST to vote on the slate of nominees to be presented to the BoT.

3. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 1PM EST.