Meeting of the ARIN Advisory Council

14 January 1998



  • Bill Darte
  • Karl Denninger
  • Michael DeShazo
  • John Klensin
  • Guy Middleton
  • Hilarie Orman
  • Alec Peterson
  • Samir Saad

ARIN President

  • Kim Hubbard

1. Welcome

Hilarie Orman brought the meeting to order at 1:00PM EST.

The requirement for a quorum of eight is satisfied.

2. Elections

Kim Hubbard announced that the Board of Trustees granted a one-week extension for submitting three nominations for the open seat of the board.

The bylaw committee (Bill Darte, Avi Freedman, Michael Dillon, David Whipple and Michael DeShazo) will take over formulating the nomination procedure. They will produce a nomination package and need to complete this process by the end of this week. Kim will send the application form to the member's mailing list.

The time limit for submitting nominations is January 20, 1998. Completed forms can be sent to Kim Hubbard.

There was some discussion on the topic of having non-members submitting nominations. It was suggested that they either get a "second" from a member or have a member do the nomination.

Votes will go to Hilarie Orman by close of business on the 22nd of January. A conference call will take place on January 23, at 12 noon EST.

3. Address Portability

The Board of Trustees wants to vote on the portability issue. Kim Hubbard will send out the updated documentation page from the ARIN website that incorporates the recommended changes from the first AC meeting.

4. AC Meetings

The issue of attaching names to votes continues to be an important one. It was noted that the voting from the last meeting was unanimous; votes could be itemized when they are non-unanimous.

Another important issue is that of members attending Advisory Council meetings. It was noted that cost, control and logistics would all be significant concerns. The notion of making the AC meetings public segues into the thought of making the BoT meetings public, also.

Other ideas/concerns in this area are recording discussions verbatim in the minutes and the possible repercussions from this and the suggestion to tape record the meetings in the future to allow attribution of comments to the individual members.

A motion to attribute names to votes and record this in the minutes in the future was passed unanimously.

A note will be sent out to members regarding open meetings with the concerns of cost, control and logistics. It was noted that the members would have the member meeting to give their input.

5. Member Issues

Members are still asking about micro-allocations.

6. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 2:00PM EST.