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Quick Guide To Internet Number Resource Transfers


  1. Create an ARIN Online account
  2. Create POC handles and an Org ID for the recipient of the transferred resources
  3. Generate an API key
  4. Fill out and submit the appropriate transfer request template to
  5. An ARIN analyst will work with you via email to gather the information and documentation needed to process your transfer request.
  6. ARIN will approve the request if it can verify you meet the applicable requirements
  7. When you receive approval for your transfer (whether M&A, specified recipient, or inter-RIR), ARIN will send you an email with details on paying the applicable fee and submitting a signed Registration Services Agreement. Details about applicable fees is available via the Fee Schedule.
  8. ARIN will complete the transfer 1-2 business days after receipt of your payment and signed RSA.
Transfer Request Requirements
Type of Resource Transfer Request Criteria for ARIN to Consider Transfer
Transfers Based on Mergers, Acquisitions, and Reorganizations
  • ARIN will consider requests for the transfer of number resources in the case of mergers and acquisitions upon receipt of evidence that the new entity has acquired assets that used the transferred resources from the current registrant. Acceptable types of documentation include:
    • An authenticated copy of the instrument(s) affecting the transfer of assets, such as:
      • Asset purchase agreement and bill of sale
      • Finalized merger or amalgamation agreement filed with a province/state/federal government
      • Finalized court order
    • SEC or other public filings that document the transfer of assets
    • Authenticated documentation showing name change, such as
      • amended articles of incorporation
      • state/province/federal government verification of name change
  • If multiple transactions connect the old and new organizations, documentation will be required for each transaction. You are welcome to redact any financial or otherwise sensitive information. If necessary, ARIN has a standard nondisclosure agreement available.
  • In the event that number resources of the combined organizations are no longer justified under ARIN policy, ARIN will work with the resource holder(s) to return, aggregate, transfer, or reclaim resources as needed to restore compliance via the processes outlined in current ARIN policy.
Transfers of Released Number Resources to Specified Recipients
  • ARIN has received verification that the authorized resource holder wishes to release the resources to an organization within the ARIN region, and that the intended recipient has a demonstrated need for the resources based on current ARIN policy
  • Requests for transfers under this policy must be submitted by an authorized individual from the registered organization.
  • The recipient organization may receive blocks of IPv4 addresses or ASNs under an 8.3 transfer as long as they can demonstrate the need for the resource under a current ARIN policy (ISP initial/additional, end-user, multi-homed ISP/end-user, etc).
  • The recipient organization may be required to complete a resource request form in order to provide the detailed information needed to verify that they qualify for the number resource under an existing ARIN policy.

    When completing the request, note that instructions for required fields are provided on the request form. To ensure prompt processing of your request, please follow these instructions exactly. Any errors found may result in the request being returned for correction.
Transfers of Number Resources to ARIN from another RIR
  • Source RIR confirms the authorized resource holder wishes to release the resources to the specified recipient within the ARIN region
  • Recipient organization demonstrates the need for the total amount of address space under a current ARIN policy (ISP initial/additional, end-user, multi-homed ISP/end-user, etc) by showing how the addresses will be used within 24 months
Transfers of Number Resources from ARIN to another RIR
  • Authorized resource holder confirms release of the resources to an organization located within another RIR's service region
  • Confirmation the specified recipient meets the requirements to receive the released resources under the destination RIR's inter-RIR transfer policy