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Need IPv4 Addresses?

As ARIN nears IPv4 depletion, it will get increasingly difficult to obtain the IPv4 address space you need from ARIN. Currently, ARIN has IPv4 address space available. You may view ARIN's inventory status on our home page.

I Found A Resource Holder Who Wants To Transfer:

If you already know where you plan to get IPv4 address space, see ARIN's Transfers to Specified Recipients guidelines for information on completing a specified transfer.

I Don't Know Where to Get Addresses:

You may find an organization wanting to transfer resources in any way you want, but recognize that they must have validated resources that match your documented need based on ARIN policy. If you want to see organizations with validated resources available for transfer, you may use ARIN's Specified Transfer Listing Service (STLS). Through this service, you may list your documented resource needs, or find a facilitator to help you locate a resource holder willing to transfer.

Requests to receive IPv4 addresses through STLS are subject to the STLS Terms of Service, as well as the same policy criteria as requests submitted directly to ARIN.

Info: Note that all STLS participants will have full access to all contact information provided for all registered seekers and listers. This information may be accessed through the DOWNLOADS & SERVICES option within ARIN Online by any seeker, lister, or facilitator registered to use ARIN's STLS.