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Have IPv4 Addresses?

We encourage any organization with additional IPv4 space to return it to the ARIN pool as an act of goodwill. Making them available for organizations in need will help sustain entities during transition to IPv6. If your organization has available IPv4 space, you may return the space to ARIN to the benefit of the Internet community at large. For those interested in returning unused IP number resources to ARIN, please log into ARIN Online and select ASK ARIN, or email, indicating the block(s) you plan to return. An analyst will contact you to complete the return of the resources.

I Know Who I Want To Transfer To:

If you already know the organization to which you would like to transfer IPv4 address space, see ARIN's Transfer Resources page for more information.

To request a Specified Recipient Transfer:

  • Log into your ARIN Online account
  • Select TRANSFER RESOURCES on the left
  • Follow the instructions on the form

I Don't Know Who I Want To Transfer To:

You may find a recipient any way you want, but recognize that they must have a documented need that matches your available space and current ARIN policy. If you want to see organizations with qualified need, you may use ARIN's Specified Transfer Listing Service (STLS) to find potentially complementary parties suitable to participate in a transfer of IPv4 number resources. You may also list resources that are potentially available, or find a facilitator to help you locate a qualified recipient.

Requests to receive IPv4 addresses through STLS are subject to the STLS Terms of Service, as well as the same policy criteria as requests submitted directly to ARIN.

Info: Note that all STLS participants will have full access to all contact information provided for all registered seekers and listers. This information may be accessed through the DOWNLOADS option within ARIN Online by any seeker, lister, or facilitator registered to use ARIN's STLS.

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