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Frequently Asked Questions about ARIN's Specified Transfer Listing Service (STLS)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is STLS participation required to request a resource transfer? 

No. You may contact ARIN at any time to request a resource transfer if your organization meets the requirements outlined in ARIN's Resource Transfer Guidelines.

ARIN cannot fulfill my request IPv4 addresses. Is STLS participation required to obtain addresses that become available in the future? 

No. The STLS is only for those organizations wishing to obtain resources from another organization. If ARIN cannot fulfill your IPv4 request, please refer to ARIN's Waiting List page for your options.

Does ARIN provide matching services to STLS participants?

ARIN does not match compatible STLS participants. Organizations who offer this service may be seen on ARIN's Transfer Facilitators List.

Are there fees associated with specified transfers?

All resource transfers carry applicable fees, which are outlined in ARIN's Fee Schedule.

Where can I view other STLS participants?

Access to the STLS participant list will be provided via ARIN Online to those who participate in the STLS. ARIN publishes a Public STLS Summary Report that includes:

  • IPv4 address block sizes listed as available
  • IPv4 address block sizes listed as needed
  • Current number of Transfer Facilitators

The Public STLS Summary Report does not contain any organizational name or contact information.

How long will ARIN's STLS be available?

The STLS will operate indefinitely as long as adequate demand exists. ARIN reserves the right to modify or discontinue the service with appropriate advanced notice to participating parties.

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