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Facilitate IPv4 Transfers

If you are aware of an organization that cannot acquire sufficient address space from ARIN, or of an organization that has address space that they would like to transfer to another organization, you may help them to perform a specified transfer.

Facilitators, generally speaking, will not be stakeholders in the resources designated for transfer themselves, but they will interface with client organizations in need of IPv4 addresses and those organizations that have unneeded IPv4 addresses to help accomplish a specified transfer in accordance with ARIN policy.

I Know the Transfer Participants:

If you have located a resource holder and an organization with a qualified need, see ARIN's Transfer Resources page for more information.

To request a Specified Recipient Transfer:

  • Log into your ARIN Online account
  • Select Transfer Resources on the left
  • Follow the instructions on the form

I Want to Find Transfer Participants:

If the party you are assisting does not have an identified specified transfer partner, you may wish to participate in ARIN's Specified Transfer Listing Service (STLS) in order to look for a match. Facilitators must register to view listers and seekers for the purpose of contacting either party.

This service is available only through ARIN Online, so any individual who wishes to register in this capacity will be required to create an ARIN Online account and accept both the ARIN Online and the STLS Terms of Service.

Facilitators shall provide their organization name and contact information (telephone and/or email). ARIN will validate the facilitator’s information before publishing this information (along with the date of the listing) for the use of other STLS participants.

Facilitators will be subject to service fees as defined on the ARIN Fee Schedule. Note that ARIN will remove a facilitator’s access to the STLS after one year unless they pay a renewal fee.

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