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Whois POC Validation

ARIN is undertaking an effort to support the implementation of Policy 3.6, Annual WHOIS POC Validation.

The policy reads as follows:

Section 3.6 Annual WHOIS POC Validation

3.6.1 Method of Annual Verification

During ARINs annual WHOIS POC validation, an email will be sent to every POC in the WHOIS database. Each POC will have a maximum of 60 days to respond with an affirmative that their WHOIS contact information is correct and complete. Unresponsive POC email addresses shall be marked as such in the database. If ARIN staff deems a POC to be completely and permanently abandoned or otherwise illegitimate, the POC record shall be marked invalid. ARIN will maintain, and make readily available to the community, a current list of number resources with no valid POC; this data will be subject to the current bulk WHOIS policy.

In order to fulfill this requirement, ARIN will email all POCs requesting them to validate their Whois contact information.  This process will be completed in phases.

During Phase I, POCs for organizations with direct resource allocations which have not modified or validated their information within the previous year will be contacted.   This stage is expected to take approximately four months. The update process is fully automated in ARIN Online.

The second phase will commence when all direct POCs have been sent a validation request. During Phase II, POCs for organizations that received their resources via reassignment from an upstream provider will be contacted.  This is also limited to POCs that have not modified or validated their records within the previous year. Because this phase represents a much larger pool of resource holders, it is anticipated to take a full twelve months.  These POCs will use the same automated process to validate or update their Whois POC information.

Because community participation is vital to ARIN, we are also contacting Designated Member Representatives (DMRs) to ask that they verify or update their contact information to ensure eligibility to participate in ARIN elections this fall. For organizations that do not have a registered DMR, the Org ID Admin POC will be contacted.