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Understanding the Return and Revocation Process


Occasionally, an organization is no longer in need of Internet number resources (IPv4 addresses, IPv6 addresses, or ASNs) that were once delegated to them by ARIN. For instance, many organizations request ASNs for multi-homing purposes and later find themselves in a non-multi-homed situation, thus no longer needing an ASN.

If your organization no longer needs Internet number resources directly registered to you, those resources can be proactively returned to ARIN by your organization. If your organization discontinues making registration fee payments and does not return the resources, then they may be revoked by ARIN.

Returning Resources

ARIN welcomes the return of any unused or unneeded resources so they may be added back to our pool of available Internet number resources for issuance to other organizations.

Returning IPv4 Addresses, IPv6 Addresses, or ASNs (Internet Number Resources)

If you would like to return Internet number resources:

  1. Log in to ARIN Online and create a ticket via Ask ARIN, stating that you have Internet number resources you would like to return. Please list each IPv4 address block, IPv6 address block, or ASN you would like to return.
  2. Current ARIN policy does not require organizations to return unused Internet number resources. We will provide you with information to help you determine if you would like to retain, transfer, or return the Internet number resources.
  3. If you would still like to return your Internet number resources, you will need to have an officer of your organization provide a signed and notarized acknowledgment of their return. This document must include that he/she:
    1. authorizes the return of the resources to ARIN,
    2. permanently releases all registration rights to the resources, and
    3. states his/her understanding that once the registration rights to the resources are relinquished, they cannot be later reinstated.
  4. An analyst will work with you to secure the return of the resources.

If you don't have an ARIN Online account, you may create one by going to the Account Setup page.

Revocation of Resources

Annual fees are collected for all Internet number resources covered under a Registration Services Agreement by ARIN. In the event of non-payment and in accordance with ARIN's Registration Services Agreement (RSA), ARIN will take the following actions at 120 days and 180 days past the due date of the annual invoice:   

  • Revocation: When the invoice remains unpaid 180 days past due, ARIN will terminate the ARIN Registration Services Agreement, will revoke the included number resources per the services agreement, and may return those resources to the ARIN available inventory for reissue to another organization.

Once your resources are revoked by ARIN, the resources are removed from ARIN’s database and Whois so that they may be returned to ARIN’s free pool for issuance to other organizations. You are free to request new resources again in the future, but are not guaranteed access to the exact same resources you previously held.

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