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Request IPv4 Addresses

IPv4 Depletion

ARIN experienced depletion of its IPv4 Free Pool on 24 September 2015, however we are still processing and approving customer IPv4 requests. Visit the Waiting List page to learn more about how IPv4 requests are being handled.

You may also consider submitting a transfer request to acquire IPv4 space.

Since IPv4 depletion, we no longer can fulfill requests for IPv4 addresses unless an organization meets certain policy requirements that reserve blocks of IPv4 addresses for special cases, such as:

Micro-allocation (NRPM 4.4)

ARIN will make IPv4 micro-allocations to critical infrastructure providers of the Internet, including public exchange points, core DNS service providers (e.g. ICANN-sanctioned root and ccTLD operators) as well as the RIRs and IANA. These allocations will be no smaller than a /24. Multiple allocations may be granted in certain situations.

Dedicated IPv4 block to facilitate IPv6 Deployment (NRPM 4.10)

As part of the community-adopted policy, a contiguous /10 IPv4 block has been set aside and dedicated to facilitate IPv6 deployment. Allocations and assignments from this block must be justified by immediate IPv6 deployment requirements. Examples of such needs include: IPv4 addresses for key dual stack DNS servers, and NAT-PT or NAT464 translators. ARIN staff will use their discretion when evaluating justifications.

This block is subject to a maximum size allocation of /24. In order to receive an allocation or assignment under this policy:

  • the applicant may not have received resources under this policy in the preceding six months;
  • previous allocations/assignments under this policy must continue to meet the justification requirements of this policy;
  • previous allocations/assignments under this policy must meet the utilization requirements of end user assignments;
  • the applicant must demonstrate that no other allocations or assignments will meet this need;
  • on subsequent allocation under this policy, ARIN staff may require applicants to renumber out of previously allocated / assigned space under this policy in order to minimize non-contiguous allocations.

Note: Resources allocated from a reserved pool (including those designated in Section 4.4 and 4.10) are not eligible for transfer to specified recipients.

Out of Region Use

ARIN registered resources may be used outside the ARIN service region for organizations with a real and substantial connection with the ARIN region. For details, please see Number Resource Policy Manual (NRPM) Section 9. To view the ARIN service region, visit the ARIN Region page.

Select the type of IPv4 request:

ISP Allocations

ARIN allocates blocks of IP addresses to ISPs for the purpose of reassigning that space to their customers.

For policy information, see Number Resource Policy Manual (NRPM) Section 4.2.

For fee information, see ARIN's Fee Schedule.

Initial Requests


Standard/Renumbering (see NRPM 4.2.2

All ISP organizations without direct assignments or allocations from ARIN qualify for an initial allocation of up to a /21, subject to ARIN's minimum allocation size. Organizations may qualify for a larger initial allocation by documenting how the requested allocation will be utilized within 24 months. ISPs renumbering out of their previous address space will be given a reasonable amount of time to do so, and any blocks they are returning will not count against their utilization.

Immediate Need: /16 maximum allocation (see NRPM

To qualify under the Immediate Need policy, you must provide extensive documentation to demonstrate the requested IP addresses will be used within 30 days. These cases are exceptional and must meet stringent requirements in addition to those required for general IPv4 address allocations. Provide justification to show that the address space will be utilized within 30 days

  • Provide justification to show that the address space will be utilized within 30 days
  • Provide a comprehensive network topology
  • Provide a comprehensive deployment schedule outlining the immediate use of the requested IP address block
  • Provide copies of current signed customer contracts
  • Provide copies of signed connectivity agreements
  • Provide copies of paid invoices for the equipment that will support the immediate need
Documentation typically required for initial requests:
  • List of CIDR prefixes/ranges assigned to dynamic pools with service type (e.g. DSL, wireless), city/region served, peak utilization percentage, and number of customers served for each pool
  • List of IP addresses/subnets statically assigned to customers along with the corresponding customer name for each IP address/subnet
  • List of IP addresses used for web hosting along with at least one customer domain name hosted on each IP address
  • List of IP addresses/subnets assigned to internal equipment/infrastructure along with the corresponding hostname/device name for each IP address/subnet

Additional Requests

Standard (see NRPM 4.2.4)
  • Demonstrate at least 50% of each of your allocations is efficiently used
  • Demonstrate at least 80% of the sum of all allocations is efficiently used
  • Provide reassignment information for all customer reassignments of eight or more contiguous IP addresses via SWIP or RWhois 
  • Provide reassignment information in text or spreadsheet format for all customer assignments less than 8 contiguous IP addresses
Multiple Discrete Networks (see NRPM 4.5)
  • Demonstrate your organization is a single entity and not a consortium of smaller independent entities
  • Provide verification your organization has two or more discretely routed networks
  • Provide detailed records on how you've allocated space to each discrete network, including the date of each allocation
  • Demonstrate 50% utilization of both your last allocation and of all allocations (overall) OR demonstrate all free blocks are smaller than ARIN's minimum allocation
Residential Access ISPs (see NRPM
  • Demonstrate at least 80% of your space is assigned to hardware
  • Demonstrate at least 50% of your space is used by customers
  • Demonstrate at least 80% of your last allocation is assigned to hardware
  • Demonstrate at least 50% of your last allocation is used by customers 
  • Provide reassignment information for the addresses provisioned to each market area and for any customers with eight or more contiguous IP addresses via SWIP or RWhois
Third Party Internet Access (TPIA) over Cable (see NRPM

IP addresses reassigned by an ISP to an incumbent cable operator for use with Third Party Internet Access (TPIA) will be counted as fully used once they are assigned to equipment by the underlying cable carrier provided they meet the following requirements:

  • Initial assignments to each piece of hardware represent the smallest subset reasonably required to deploy service to the customer base served by the hardware
  • Additional assignments to each piece of hardware are made only when all previous assignments to that specific piece of hardware are at least 80% used and represent a 24-month supply
  • IP allocations used through are non-transferrable via section 8.3 and section 8.4 for a period of 36 months. In the case of a section 8.2 transfer the IP assignment must be utilized for the same purpose or needs-based justification at a rate consistent with intended use.

End-user Assignments

An end-user is an organization receiving assignments of IP addresses exclusively for use in its operational networks. ARIN assigns blocks of IP addresses to end-users who request address space for their internal use in running their own networks, but not for sub-delegation of those addresses outside their organization. End-users must meet the requirements described in these guidelines for justifying the assignment of an address block.

For policy information, see Number Resource Policy Manual (NRPM) Section 4.3.

For fee information, see ARIN's Fee Schedule.

Initial Requests: /24 minimum (see NRPM 4.3.2)

  • Provide data showing efficient utilization of all previous assignments
  • Provide data demonstrating at least a 50% utilization rate of the requested block within 24 months

Additional Requests: /24 minimum (see NRPM  


  • Provide data showing efficient utilization of at least 50% of each previous assignment
  • Provide data showing at least 80% of the sum of all assignments is efficiently used 
  • Provide data demonstrating a 50% utilization rate of the requested block within one year
Documentation typically required for additional requests:
  • A subnet mapping for each of your previous ARIN assignments listing each logical subnet created within the block with the following data for each subnet
    • A brief description of its purpose
    • The number of IP addresses currently used 
  • A subnet mapping showing each logical subnet you plan to create within the requested block with the following data for each subnet:
    • A brief description of the subnet's purpose
    • Number of IP addresses that will be used within 30 days
    • Number of IP addresses projected to be used within one year

Submitting Your Request

To better understand how to use ARIN Online to submit a request, visit the Resource Requests: Getting Started page. You may also want to view our Requesting Resources 101 instructional video.

Note: All resource requests require an ARIN Online account linked to either an Admin or Tech Point of Contact record (POC) with the authority to request resources for a valid Organization Identifier (Org ID). For assistance creating a POC record, visit our POC Records page and view the instructional video. You may also want to view our video on Org IDs.

  1. Log into ARIN Online
  2. Select IP Addresses from the ARIN Online navigation bar
  3. Select "Request" from the submenu
  4. Select the appropriate Org ID
  5. Select the appropriate request form
  6. Fill out all required fields and attach all required documentation
    1. ARIN may require detailed contact information, organization and network information, or business plan details to justify a request. ARIN recommends providing as many details as possible, as detailed justification documents may result in fewer correspondence cycles and a smoother request process.
    2. To view some example documentation that may be used as templates when requesting resources, visit the Examples page.

An ARIN resource analyst will review your request (typically within two business days) and reply to either approve your request or request more information. Once all requirements are met, ARIN will approve your request and ask that you pay any applicable fees and submit a signed Registration Services Agreement (RSA) within 60 days. Once ARIN receives a signed RSA and all applicable fees, your resources will be issued within two business days.

If you need a status update on your request or have any questions, please call ARIN Registration Services at 703.227.0660. If you need assistance with paying the registration fee or submitting a signed RSA, please call ARIN Financial Services at 703.227.9886.

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