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Waiting List for Unmet Requests


When ARIN receives a justified request for IPv4 address space that cannot be filled by a single block from ARIN's available IPv4 free pool, the requestor will have two options:

  1. Accept the largest available block in the ARIN IPv4 free pool that is equal to or less than your approved size. ARIN will fill the request per ARIN policy and the requestor will then be ineligible to receive IPv4 addresses from the ARIN IPv4 free pool for the next three months.
  2. Elect not to accept an available block from the ARIN IPv4 free pool. ARIN will ask you to specify the smallest block size you are willing to accept and will place your request on the Waiting List for Unmet Requests for a range that includes your approved size through the minimum size you designated. This procedure is in accordance with ARIN's Number Resource Policy Manual (NRPM) Section 4.1.8.

How the Waiting List for Unmet Requests Works

Requests on the waiting list will be filled when IPv4 addresses are returned to ARIN by a registrant, revoked by ARIN (typically for non-payment of annual fees), distributed to ARIN by Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), or otherwise made available to be re-issued.

When an IPv4 block becomes available, the oldest waiting list request that has specified a minimum acceptable block size equal to or less than the available block will be filled and the request will be removed from the waiting list. ARIN may need to re-verify the organization's justified need based on the amount of time the request has been on the waiting list.

For example, if the oldest waiting list request has been approved for a /20 and the requester has specified the minimum acceptable block size is a /24, and a /20 becomes available, ARIN will fill that request with a /20 provided the organization still has a justified need for a /20. The organization will be ineligible to obtain additional IPv4 addresses from the ARIN IPv4 free pool for three months.

Factors That Impact Waiting List Position
  • Per NRPM, "any requests met through a transfer will be considered fulfilled and removed from the Waiting List."
  • Adjusting the minimum acceptable IPv4 address block size of a request will result in the requesting organization being moved to the bottom of the Waiting List.

Obtaining IPv4 Addresses via the Transfer Market

Qualified organizations have the option to decline placement on the waiting list for resources from the ARIN IPv4 free pool in favor of seeking IPv4 addresses via the IPv4 Transfer market. IPv4 transfers allow organizations with unused IPv4 addresses to release them to another qualifying organization. For more information, see the Transfer Resources page.