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Inter-RIR Transfers

Inter-RIR transfers may be completed between ARIN and another RIR as long as that RIR has:

  • A documented, reciprocal inter-RIR transfer policy that allows transfers to and from its region
  • An inter-RIR transfer policy that is compatible with, but not necessarily identical to ARIN's
  • Needs-based general number resource policies

Currently, APNIC is the only RIR with a reciprocal, compatible inter-RIR transfer policy. Information about APNIC's needs-based IPv4 policies can be found in APNIC's Policies for IPv4 address space management in the Asia Pacific region document.

Review ARIN's transfer policies to determine whether your organization meets the requirements to request the transfer of Internet number resources to another organization. The action of requesting a transfer of resources from ARIN indicates you have read and agree to abide by these policies.

Note: Additional information is provided below in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Transfers from ARIN to Another RIR

  1. The recipient organization may be required to complete a resource request form in order to provide the detailed information needed to verify that they qualify for the number resource under an existing ARIN policy.
  2. ARIN will verify the submitter is the authorized registrant of the resources and has not received any IPv4 resources from ARIN either directly or via transfer within the past 12 months.
  3. In the event that the current registrant on the IPv4 block no longer exists, ARIN will require the requesting organization to complete a Merger and Acquisition Transfer (NRPM 8.2) before proceeding with the 8.4 request.  This is done in accordance with policy and provides a clear audit trail showing the chain of registration.
  4. ARIN will require an officer of the requesting company to acknowledge that they are authorized to release the resources for transfer.
  5. ARIN will approve the transfer and the authorized registrant must pay a $500 USD transfer fee before ARIN will notify the recipient RIR.
  6. ARIN will send the Inter-RIR Transfer form to the recipient RIR.  The recipient RIR will then notify ARIN when they've verified the recipient meets that RIR's applicable Inter-RIR Transfer policies to receive the resources.
  7. ARIN will coordinate with the recipient RIR to complete the transfer and notify the authorized registrant when the transfer is complete.

Transfers From Another RIR To ARIN

  1. The source RIR will verify the request meets its Inter-RIR Transfer policies and send the Inter-RIR Transfer form to ARIN.
  2. ARIN will contact the recipient organization via email and verify they meet all applicable requirements to receive the transferred resources, including:
    1. They operate and have a legal presence within the ARIN region
    2. They qualify for the resources under current ARIN policies
    3. They can demonstrate the need for up to a 24 month supply
  3. ARIN will request that an officer of the recipient organization attest to the accuracy of all data presented to ARIN to justify the request.
  4. ARIN will approve the transfer request via an email to the recipient organization. The recipient organization will need to pay the $500 USD transfer fee and sign a Registration Services Agreement (RSA).
  5. Upon receipt of the transfer fee and signed RSA, ARIN will notify the source RIR the transfer is ready to be completed.
  6. Upon confirmation from the source RIR that the transfer is ready to be completed, ARIN will coordinate with the source RIR to complete the transfer and notify the recipient organization via email when the transfer is complete.
    • Source entities within the ARIN region will not be eligible to receive any further IPv4 address allocations or assignments from ARIN for a period of 12 months after a transfer approval, or until the exhaustion of ARIN's IPv4 space, whichever occurs first.
    • Source entities within the ARIN region must not have received a transfer, allocation, or assignment of IPv4 number resources from ARIN for the 12 months prior to the approval of a transfer request. This restriction does not include M&A transfers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other region(s) can ARIN customers transfer with?

APNIC is the only registry with compatible policy, which is a requirement for transfers.

Who determines who qualifies to receive the inter-RIR transfer?

The recipient organizations will be reviewed under the policies of their RIR.

Is the network record really going to move to the other RIR?

Yes, the network record will move to the other RIR and be removed from the ARIN database and a placeholder record pointing to the new RIR will be added.

How do I start the inter-RIR transfer process?

The current resource holder should complete the Inter-RIR transfer form and email it to their respective RIR. Once the resource holder has been qualified by their RIR, that RIR will coordinate with the recipient RIR.

What are the fees and who pays?

There is a transfer fee of $500 USD for Inter-RIR transfers. For transfers of resources from ARIN to another RIR, the authorized registrant must pay the fee, while for transfers from other RIRs to ARIN's region, the recipient organization pays the fee. As as result of the transfer process, other fees may apply, please see the fee schedule for more specific information.

Will any other regions be coming online with inter-RIR transfers soon?

There are inter-RIR transfer policy proposals in several other regions at the moment, but they may take some time to make their way through the policy development process.

Can I complete an 8.2 transfer and an inter-RIR transfer at the same time?

An inter-RIR transfer cannot be completed until the authorized registrant is validated, so each transfer must be handled as a separate transaction.

How long will this process take?

ARIN will endeavor to respond to each request within two business days. Due to the consolidated efforts between multiple RIR's and multiple organizations the time to conclude an inter-RIR transfer could be lengthy.