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How to Register for ARIN's Specified Transfer Listing Service

Step 1: Requirements

Organizations that want to list a need for IPv4 addresses through the STLS should review ARIN's policies to ensure they qualify to receive IPv4 addresses. Please refer to the ARIN Number Resource Policy Manual (NRPM) for more details as it is the definitive source for resource requirements.

All entities participating in the STLS (seekers, listers, and facilitators) will be subject to vetting by ARIN's Registration Services Department. ARIN requires adequate documentation to ensure the right to transfer, and requires that all resources being listed for transfer are covered under a Registration Services Agreement (RSA) or Legacy RSA (LRSA). All organizations must be current on any payments owed to ARIN in order to participate in the STLS. This includes entities facilitating these transfers between agreeing organizations.

Step 2: Submit Request

All organizations must have an ARIN Online account to request participation in the STLS.

Once you have created an ARIN Online account and an Org ID (if necessary), simply log into your account, select DOWNLOADS & SERVICES from the left, and scroll down to the STLS Participation Request form. All participants will be required to electronically accept the STLS Terms of Service (TOS).

Note: Organizations that want to list a need for IPv4 addresses through the STLS must establish Point of Contact (POC) handles and an Organization Identifier (Org ID) with ARIN.

Step 3: Verification

We will verify receipt of your request upon successful submission. We will issue you a ticket number as soon as you successfully submit the request.

Step 4: Review Process

We will respond to requests within two (2) business days. We may request additional information; these requests will be sent to your ARIN Online Message Center. For each question and response cycle, we will respond within two (2) days. If you do not reply within ninety (90) days, the ticket will be closed. A request for additional information does not imply a request denial.

For questions about pending requests, send a reply to the ticket through ARIN Online, or call ARIN's Registration Services Help Desk at +1.703.227.0660. When you call, have your ticket number and any requested documentation available, and have access to the ARIN website. For further follow-up, supply the name of the ARIN Resource Analyst who assisted you on your prior call. Click here for additional guidance on calling the Help Desk.

Step 5: Request Approval

ARIN notifies the submitter of approval to participate in the STLS via the submitter’s ARIN Online account. The approval is good for ninety (90) days. If your organization does not follow up on the approval within that time, you will need to resubmit your request.

If a request is rejected and you feel proper justifications were met, contact ARIN using Ask ARIN or via email at for further explanation.

**Please note, for organizations that are listing a need for IPv4 address space, ARIN will send an email with all data received on the request to an officer of the company for certification prior to the final approval. The officer must reply and verify that the data submitted is accurate.

If you have any questions regarding officer attestation, notify Registration Services using the Ask ARIN feature in your ARIN Online account. Alternatively, you may contact for further explanation.

Step 6: Fees & Registration Services Agreement

ARIN charges a $100 fee for STLS participation. These fees offset the cost of operating the STLS service. Additional fees will apply for approved transfers and for recurring registration of the transferred IPv4 addresses.

After you receive confirmation of your registration, you may submit a payment in one of two ways: by logging into ARIN Online and selecting BILLING INFO from the left-hand side, or by clicking here and providing the appropriate Org ID, Invoice number, and the exact amount due on the invoice.

For more information regarding payments, please visit ARIN's Make a Payment Page.

Step 7: STLS Access and Retrieval

ARIN will provide the applicant with access to the Listing service within two business days of ARIN's receipt of the listing fee. All STLS participants will have full access to all contact information provided for all registered seekers, listers, and facilitators. This may be accessed through the DOWNLOADS & SERVICES option within ARIN Online.

All applicants receiving transferred resources through ARIN via the STLS are required to sign the Registration Services Agreement (RSA). The RSA must be signed and returned before ARIN allocates resources. The RSA cannot be altered or modified. The entire document is required with information to be inserted on page 1 and completing the entire right side of page 9. Submit a copy by one of the following options:

  • Fax +1.703.227.0671;
  • Email (respond to the RSA request message that includes the ARIN ticket number, attach the agreement as PDF) or
  • Mail to:
    Attention: Financial Services Department
    3635 Concorde Parkway, Suite 200
    Chantilly, VA 20151

Step 8: What Next?

Participants should contact each other directly to arrange a transfer. Once two participants agree on a transfer, the participant that has the available IPv4 addresses should submit a transfer request to ARIN. Review ARIN's Transfers to Specified Recipients guidelines for details. Approval of the transfer is contingent on both parties demonstrating that the transfer meets the requirements of NRPM 8.3. Participation in the STLS service does not guarantee a transfer will be approved.

Participants that receive IPv4 addresses via a transfer under NRPM 8.3 will have their STLS listings and access removed upon completion of a transfer. Participants that transfer IPv4 addresses under NRPM 8.3 will have their STLS listings and access removed upon completion of a transfer unless they have additional IPv4 addresses still listed on STLS.

Organizations that require subsequent access to STLS either as an organization having available or needing IPv4 addresses may re-apply for access using the same process listed above.