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Network Modifications

The Network Modification (or NET-Mod) request form is used to change the network name, origin AS, POC handle(s), and public comments on an IP address block.  Please note that changes to reverse DNS delegation cannot be made with a network modification. Reverse DNS delegation is updated through the MANAGE RESOURCES link in your ARIN Online account.

Network Modifications must be submitted by the Admin or Tech POC for the Org ID associated with the IP address block or by the Tech POC for the IP address block.  

Using Your ARIN Online Account

To modify a Network record (NET) through ARIN Online, select IP Addresses > Search in the left navigation bar, then select the NET you need to update and click the Modify icon in the toolbar on the right.  Enter the updated information and submit.  Your changes will be visible immediately in your web account, and ARIN’s Whois will reflect the update shortly thereafter.

API Keys

To modify a network through a RESTful call or an email template, you must generate an API key.  To create an API key, log in to your ARIN Online account and select Your Account > Settings from the navigation menu. In the Security Info section, choose Manage API Keys from the Actions menu.  

Using RESTful Calls

ARIN offers a RESTful web service that you can use to modify network records. This provisioning system allows for more secure interactions with ARIN's database and provides even stronger authentication on automated submissions.  More information is provided in the API documentation for ARIN’s RESTful web service.

An API key is required when using the RESTful web service.

Using Email Templates

You have the option to request a network modification via email. If you choose to submit email forms, there are two request forms that are used for network modifications.  The Network Modification (NET-Mod) request form is used for IPv4 network modifications.  The IPv6 Network Modification (IPv6-NET-Mod) request form is used for IPv6 network modifications.  Fill out the request form appropriate to the IP address block you wish to modify. 

Instructions for completion and submission are provided on each request form.  You must either include your API key in your request form or send it from the email address associated with the API key to authorize processing.  Follow the instructions exactly.  Errors will delay processing and your request form will be returned.

Submit the completed request to

We will notify you via email when the modification is completed.

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