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ISP Initial IPv6 Allocations

In accordance with Section 2.2 of the Number Resource Policy Manual (NRPM), ARIN issues Internet number resources for use within its region. IPv6 addresses are organized into a topological hierarchy, consisting of a public topology, a site topology, and interface identifiers. The public and site topologies comprise the network portion of the address, while the interface identifiers form the host portion. RFC 3513 describes this addressing hierarchy in more detail.

The Number Resource Policy Manual provides policies and procedures for IPv6 allocation.

In the future, it is possible an organization and its customers may have to renumber out of their address space. While in some ways IPv6 has made renumbering easier, it is recommended that organizations design their networks to allow for ease of renumbering. It is also recommended that upstream providers who receive a /32 prefix directly from the RIR enter into contractual arrangements with their customers at the time of the initial allocation or assignment stipulating that the address space may have to be returned, which would require all end-sites to be renumbered.

IPv6 address space is eligible for allocation to ISP/LIRs and assignment to end-users. If you offer IPv6 transit or assign IPv6 addresses to other organizations, you are an IPv6 ISP (also known as a Local Internet Registry, or LIR, in IPv6 policy). If you do not offer IPv6 transit and do not assign IPv6 addresses to other organizations, you are an IPv6 end-user.

Step 1: Requirements

Review ARIN's policies to ensure your organization meets the requirements for the type of resource you plan to request.  Requesting resources implies you have read and agreed to abide by these policies.

The ARIN Number Resource Policy Manual (NRPM) is the definitive source for resource requirements.  The table below offers an "at-a-glance" summary for the necessary criteria.  Please refer to the NRPM for more details and in case of questions.

IPv6 - Initial Allocations
Type of Resource Request Criteria to Receive Resource
ISP Initial Allocation
/32 minimum allocation
(/36 upon request)
NRPM 6.5.1
  • Have a previously justified IPv4 ISP allocation from ARIN or one of its predecessor registries, or
  • Qualify for an IPv4 ISP allocation under current policy, or
  • Intend to immediately multi-home, or
  • Provide a reasonable technical justification, including a plan showing projected assignments for one, two, and five year periods, with a minimum of 50 assignments within five years


IPv6 Multiple Discrete Networks
/32 minimum allocation
(/36 upon request)
NRPM 6.11
  • be a single entity and not a consortium of smaller independent entities
  • have compelling criteria for creating discrete networks, such as regulatory restrictions for data transmission, geographic distance and diversity between networks, and autonomous multihomed discrete networks
  • show that each discrete network meets the standard IPv6 initial allocation criteria

Step 2: Submit Request

To request an allocation, your organization must first establish Point of Contact (POC) handles and an Organization Identifier (Org ID).

Once POCs and Org IDs are registered, you can complete and submit a request through your ARIN Online account by clicking on IP Addresses > Request in the left navigation bar. The resulting page will show a list of Org IDs you have permission to manage.  Select the Org ID that you need to request resources for and then select the type of resources you would like to request. You will see a list of resource request options.  Select ISP IPv6 Request from the list to be taken to the form.  Please follow all instructions and complete all the necessary fields.

Step 3: Verification

We will verify receipt of your request upon successful submission by issuing a ticket number. Use Tickets & Messages > Tickets to check the status of your request.

Step 4: Review Process

We will respond to requests within two (2) business days. We may request additional information; these requests will be sent to your ARIN Online Message Center. For each question and response cycle, we will respond within two (2) days. If you do not reply within ninety (90) days, the ticket will be closed. A request for additional information does not imply a request denial.

For questions about pending requests, send a reply to the ticket through ARIN Online, or call ARIN's Registration Services Help Desk at +1.703.227.0660. When you call, have your ticket number and any requested documentation available, and have access to the ARIN website. For further follow-up, supply the name of the ARIN Resource Analyst who assisted you on your prior call. Click here for additional guidance on calling the Help Desk.

Step 5: Officer Attestation

Prior to approval, ARIN will send an email with all data received on the request to an officer of the company for certification. The officer must reply and verify that the data submitted is accurate.

If you have any questions regarding officer attestation, contact for further explanation.

Step 6: Request Approval

ARIN notifies the submitter of request approval by posting a message to the Message Center in ARIN Online The approval is good for ninety (90) days. If your organization does not follow up on the approval within that time, you will need to resubmit your request.

If a request is rejected and you feel proper justifications were met, use the Ask ARIN feature in your web account or send an email to for further explanation.

Step 7: Fees & Registration Services Agreement

Please review the ARIN Fee Schedule to learn more about how fees are determined.

Upon approval and within one business day, you will receive a detailed message that will include: how to update or designate the Billing POC, an invoice, ARIN W-9, and instructions to download the Registration Services Agreement (RSA).  

There are two ways to submit online payments to ARIN:

  • Log into ARIN Online and select Payments & Billing from the left-hand side,
  • Or click here.
    • You will need to provide the appropriate Org ID, Invoice number, and the exact amount due on the invoice.

For payments by check, send to:

American Registry for Internet Numbers
P.O. Box 759477
Baltimore, MD 21275-9477

For payment by wire transfer:

  • Email a request to, include the invoice number, the organization name, and Org ID.

Payment information is not accepted by phone. We do not accept purchase orders as the equivalent of payment. The approval request can be dependent on the billing status of the Org ID in question. Outstanding fees due to ARIN must be paid before additional resources are issued or transferred.

Submission of Signed Registration Services Agreement (RSA)

All applicants requesting resources from ARIN are required to sign the Registration Services Agreement (RSA). The RSA must be signed and returned in its entirety for validation before ARIN issues or transfers resources. The language of the agreement cannot be altered or modified. The entire document is required with information to be inserted on page 1 and completing page 9, all applicable fields. The Billing Contact is optional if duplicate of Authorized Officer. *Please ensure the contract is signed by an Authorized Officer of the Company.

Need Help with the ARIN Agreement? Call 703-227-9886, reply to your ARIN Online ticket, or use Ask ARIN.

Remit the completed ARIN agreement by one of the following methods:

  • Reply to your ARIN Online ticket, attaching the signed RSA,as a PDF
  • Fax:  703-227-0671
  • Post:
    • ARIN
      Attention: Financial Services Department
      3635 Concorde Parkway, Suite 200
      Chantilly, VA 20151

ARIN will counter-sign and return a copy for your records after the payment has been confirmed.

Step 8: Allocation

ARIN completes the allocation of the address block to the organization within two (2) business days of ARIN's receipt of the registration fee and a signed RSA.

Organizations that receive a direct allocation of IP address space from ARIN are automatically accorded membership for as long as they continue to pay any fees related to their allocation. This membership is associated only with the Org ID holding the allocation.

It is not necessary to become a member of ARIN prior to applying for IP address space, nor will doing so make it easier to obtain IP addresses. All applicants must meet policy requirements and justify their allocation requests based on utilization criteria.

Automatic membership based on a direct allocation of IP address space from ARIN is terminated when the address space is transferred to another entity, returned to ARIN, or revoked due to nonpayment. On the day the transfer process is complete, membership and the accompanying voting rights are transferred to the entity acquiring the address space.

Each ARIN member is asked to name a Voting Contact. This is the only person eligible to vote in ARIN online elections (Bylaws, Article III, Section 3.b.). Requirements for the Voting Contact can be found on the Voting Contact page.

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