Registered Transfer Facilitators

This list includes all of the facilitators who have registered as part of ARIN’s Specified Transfer Listing Service, and who offer support to companies seeking to perform a specified transfer.

A facilitator is not required when transferring resources. If you already know the parties involved in your transfer (i.e., if you are the source or recipient and already know the other party), you may submit a transfer request without registering to use the STLS.

Facilitators, generally speaking, are not themselves stakeholders in the resources designated for transfer, but they will interface with client organizations in need of IPv4 addresses and those organizations that have unneeded IPv4 addresses to help accomplish a specified transfer in accordance with ARIN policy.

The listing below is ordered alphabetically by the last name of the organization’s contact.

Registered Transfer Facilitators
Organization Name Org ID Contact Name and Email Contact Phone Date Registered
Decimal Brokers DL-780 Brianna Aaby +1.212.512.0878 15 September 2020
IPv4 Mall Ltd. IML-100 Michael Anderson 310.299.0944 01 February 2019
IPv4 Superhub Limited ISL-357 Pui Anna +852 52949800 16 July 2020
IPv4.Global, a division of Hilco Streambank HISL-5 Aliza Arbeli +1.212.610.5643 07 August 2012
Prefixbroker B.V. PB-2059 Erik Bais +31 85 9020417 08 September 2015
Connexly LLC CL-1557 Sarah Baker +1.917.886.2491 18 July 2018
Maxtel Holdings, LLC MHL-102 M Feras Bakkour 323.870.4858 09 December 2016
Brander Group, Inc DBA IPv4 Connect BG-366 Alexa Beaumont 702.560.5616 12 December 2017
Addrex, Inc. ADDDR John Bono +1.703.436.8050 08 October 2019
Kalorama Group, LLC KGL-14 Josh Bourne 202.223.9081 07 November 2011
Prefixx, Inc. PREFI-1 Savvas Bout +1.855.773.3499 12 August 2019
BRENAC TB-704 Thomas Brenac +3 3686263575 21 January 2020
IPv4 Market Group, LLC IMGL-3 Sandra Brown 716.348.6768 22 September 2011 NCS-147 Mike Burns 855.478.7233 28 September 2011
Hampton Road 424, LLC HRL-23 Frank Caruso 315.436.0114 18 February 2015
Alpha InfoLab Inc AI-1720 Ajay Goyal +1.385.234.0511 29 April 2019
IPXO LLC IL-845 Vincentas Grinius +1-786-358-5652 08 Jun 2021
xTom LLC XL-88 Xiufeng Guo +1.217.388-8888 24 February 2021
blue networks GmbH & Co KG BNGK Peer Kohlstetter +49 6047 987710 16 October 2018
Larus Cloud Service LCSL-8 Paul Lam +852 94554546 04 January 2018
Agile Broker AB-915 Charles Monroe Lee 202.957.3545 16 June 2017
Avenue4 LLC AL-734 Marc Lindsey 202.741.9525 29 August 2016
Silicon Desert International, Inc. SDI-70 Marcus Mamolen 602.456.4831 10 November 2020
IP Boutique, Inc IB-292 TJ Marse +1.516.359.1295 12 November 2018
RIOTCLOUDS, INC. RIOTC Rabih Masri +1.408.888.9972 05 March 2019
Fraser Trebilcock Davis & Dunlap, PC FTDDP Jonathan Raven 517.377.0816 10 March 2016
QuickMeg Inc QUICK-94 Arthur Sanchez +1.602.726.1152 24 February 2021
V4Escrow, LLC VL-71 Elvis Daniel Velea 702.475.5914 23 September 2013
IP BIDDERS.COM PTE. LTD. IBPL-11 NG CHENG WEI +65-6475-3827 10 June 2021

Note: The registered transfer facilitators listed above have represented that they provide IPv4 transfer facilitator services and wish to be included on this list. ARIN neither endorses nor guarantees the services provided by these organizations. ARIN makes no representation as to the quality or suitability of services offered. ARIN is not responsible nor is it liable for any content, data, products, goods or services provided by or through these organizations. ARIN highly recommends that you conduct your own independent due diligence and research into any potential provider that you are considering before engaging any such provider. If you seek additional information regarding any entity on this list, please contact them directly.

For more information, visit:

  • Requesting STLS Participation
  • ARIN Fee Schedule: Facilitators are subject to service fees as defined by the fee schedule. Note that ARIN will remove a facilitator’s access to the STLS after one year unless they pay a renewal fee.