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Internet Number Resource Fraud Reporting

Version 1.1 – 04 March 2009

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The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) is providing a system for the community to report suspected Internet number resource fraud involving matters such as usage reporting, hijacking, transfers, or similar areas of concern to ARIN and its mission.

Reports will be accepted from the community regarding Internet Number resources, such as IP addresses and Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) within the ARIN region for investigation by ARIN staff. ARIN will publish, on a quarterly basis, a brief description of the fraud reports and findings following investigation. Quarterly reporting will exclude submitter information to preserve anonymity. If appropriate, ARIN may refer fraud reports to the appropriate government and/or law enforcement agencies.


The process described here is not meant to remove or impinge upon the ability of the ARIN Board or President to carry out their legal, fiduciary, or operational responsibilities. Unusual or exigent circumstances or legal or policy issues may require different procedures. This is strictly an internal ARIN policy and creates no rights or expectations for any ARIN Member or third party.

The Fraud Reporting Process

The Fraud Reporting Process consists of three parts: the submission process, the investigation process, and the reporting process. The submission process will be used by any Internet community member to submit credible, suspected Internet number resource fraud. These submissions must be factual in nature and contain as much verifiable information as possible in order to assist in the research. While the submitter will need to provide a name and contact information, ARIN will keep this information confidential except to the extent that ARIN is required to disclose the information if required to do so by law or in a good faith belief that disclosure is reasonably necessary to comply with legal process, respond to claims that any information violates the rights of third parties, or to protect the rights, property or personal safety of ARIN, its users and the public. The investigation process will be used by ARIN staff to investigate and determine the appropriate action regarding the suspected fraud. The reporting process provides the community a quarterly summarized report of suspected fraud that has been reported to ARIN and actions taken by ARIN staff while retaining the anonymity of the submitter.

Part A. Submission Process

  • All reports should be submitted through a web-based form at (For issues regarding spam or network intrusions, please see Network Abuse page)
  • Submitters will receive an auto-reply email from ARIN that requires action on their part.
  • Submitters must confirm receipt of this email by clicking on the url provided in the text. This step must be completed in order for the fraud report to be entered into the process.
  • After confirming, the submitter will receive a final auto-reply from ARIN that contains their fraudulent report ID number for future reference.

Part B. Investigation Process

  1. ARIN will investigate the report.
  2. Due to the variety, scope and complexity of reports, the duration of investigations will vary.
  3. Reports regarding Internet number resources managed and administered outside of the ARIN region will be referred to the appropriate Regional Internet Registry (RIR).
  4. Information collected by ARIN during the investigation process will be treated as confidential by ARIN. However, ARIN may have to disclose confidential information in a court proceeding or to law enforcement agencies for investigation purposes.

Part C. Reporting Process

  1. ARIN will report investigation results on a quarterly basis.
  2. The report will contain the following information:
    1. Date of report
    2. A description of the type of resources involved
    3. Investigation results
    4. Actions, if any, taken by ARIN

ARIN reserves the right to modify, suspend, or remove this process at any time for any reason.

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