2022 Fee Schedule FAQ

Changes to the Fee Schedule

What changes will take effect with the recently adopted version of the Fee Schedule?

  • Transitioning End Users from annual per-resource maintenance fees to the RSP (Registration Services Plan) Fee Schedule
  • Transitioning Legacy resource holders from annual per-resource maintenance fees to the RSP Fee Schedule while maintaining an annual fee cap (which will increase $25 per year)
  • Providing a temporary IPv6 fee waiver for organizations in the 3X-Small category that desire a larger address block
  • Implementing a $50 fee for OrgCreate and a $100 fee for OrgRecovery transactions
  • Increasing the transfer processing fee to $500

Why is the Fee Schedule changing in 2022?

The Fee Schedule was amended, following a community consultation, in order to recover costs in a fair and equitable manner via appropriate fees to maintain adequate funds for the long-term stability of the organization. In 2022, ARIN will transition all customers to the RSP fee schedule based on total IPv4 and IPv6 resources held. This change will ensure costs are distributed in an equitable manner by eliminating the current fee differentiation between ISP and end user organizations.

What resources are available if we have additional questions?

Please see the following links for more information. If you have additional questions, please contact 2022Fees@arin.net or submit via Ask ARIN, while logged into your ARIN Online account.

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