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Draft Policy ARIN-2016-8: Removal of Indirect POC Validation Requirement


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Formal introduction on PPML on 20 December 2016

Origin - ARIN-prop-233

Draft Policy - 20 December 2016

Abandoned - 10 April 2017

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Chris Tacit, Andrew Dul

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ARIN-2016-8: Removal of Indirect POC Validation Requirement

Version Date: 29 November 2016

Problem Statement:

There are over 600,000 POCs registered in Whois that are only associated with indirect assignments (reassignments) and indirect allocations (reallocations). NRPM 3.6 requires ARIN to contact all 600,000+ of these every year to validate the POC information. This is problematic for a few reasons:

1) ARIN does not have a business relationships with these POCs. By conducting POC validation via email, ARIN is sending Unsolicited Commercial Emails. Further, because of NRPM 3.6.1, ARIN cannot offer an opt-out mechanism. Finally, ARIN's resultant listing on anti-spam lists causes unacceptable damage to ARIN's ability to conduct ordinary business over email

2) ARIN has previously reported that POC validation to reassignments causes tremendous work for the staff. It receives many angry phone calls and emails about the POC validation process. I believe the ARIN staff should be focused on POC validation efforts for directly issued resources, as that has more value to internet operations and law enforcement than end-user POC information.

Policy statement:

Replace the first sentence of 3.6.1:

"During ARIN's annual Whois POC validation, an email will be sent to every POC in the Whois database."


"During ARIN's annual Whois POC validation, an email will be sent to every POC that is a contact for a direct assignment, direct allocation, reallocation, and AS number, and their associated OrgIDs."

Timetable for implementation: Immediate

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