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Draft Policies and Proposals

Draft Policy ARIN-2011-8: Combined M&A and Specified Transfers
NRPM Section 8.2  
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Formal introduction on PPML on 26 July 2011

Origin - ARIN-prop-141

Draft Policy - 26 July 2011 (with staff assessment)

Last Call - 19 October through 2 November 2011

AC recommended adoption - 22 November 2011

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ARIN Advisory Council:

AC Shepherds:
Marc Crandall and Scott Leibrand

ARIN Board of Trustees: 16 December 2011
Revisions Implementation
30 January 2012

Draft Policy ARIN-20118
Combined M&A and Specified Transfers

Date/version: 26 July 2011

Policy statement:

To section 8.2 change "... ARIN will work with the resource holder(s) to return, aggregate, or reclaim resources as appropriate via the processes outlined in current ARIN policy (for example, sections 4.6, 4.7, or 12 of the NRPM)." to "...ARIN will work with the resource holder(s) to return, aggregate, transfer, or reclaim resources as needed to restore compliance via the processes outlined in current ARIN policy."


Given that both M&A transfers and specified transfers are possible, it should be possible to execute a combined transfer in which unneeded resources are transferred via 8.3 (rather than returning unneeded resources to the free pool) and the rest are transferred via 8.2. Doing this in the wrong order (i.e., attempting to execute the 8.2 transfer first) should not penalize the transferring entity... especially as ARIN's opinion as to what is "no longer justified under ARIN policy" is best known by ARIN and may not be completely knowable by the transferring entity. Note that as there is no ARIN policy permitting IPv6 specified transfers, this policy would only affect IPv4 resources at this time.

Timetable for implementation: immediate


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