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Draft Policies and Proposals

Policy 2002-8: Privatizing POC Information
Policy Proposal Evaluation Status: Author
Adopted - NRPM Section 3.3
Discussion Tracking
Mailing List:
Formal introduction on PPML on 25 September 2002
Public Policy Mailing List
ARIN Public Policy Meeting: ARIN X
ARIN Advisory Council: 31 October 2002
22 November 2002
ARIN Board of Trustees: 7 April 2003
Revisions Implementation
None 2003  


ARIN's new database allows an organization to designate several points of contact for their organization and resource records. Available types of POCs are Admin, Technical, Abuse, and NOC. If an organization designates several POCs for the management of their organization or resource records in the ARIN database, they are made available via ARIN WHOIS. In order for a point of contact to conduct resource administration for a given resource record in the ARIN database, that POC does have to be associated with the resource record in the ARIN database, and therefore is listed in ARIN WHOIS.

It is proposed organizations be able to designate certain points of contact as private from ARIN WHOIS, with the exception that, at the minimum, one point of contact must be viewable.


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