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Draft Policies and Proposals

Policy 2002-6: Aggregation Requests
Policy Proposal Evaluation Status: Author
Adopted - NRPM Section 4.7
Discussion Tracking
Mailing List:
Formal introduction on PPML on 25 September 2002
Public Policy Mailing List
ARIN Public Policy Meeting: ARIN X
ARIN Advisory Council: 31 October 2002
22 November 2002
27 March 2003
8 April 2003
ARIN Board of Trustees: 21 July 2003
Revisions Implementation
None 2003


If an organization, whether a member or non-member, ISP or end-user, relinquishes a group of portable, non-aggregatable address blocks to ARIN, they shall be allowed to receive a block in exchange, /24 or shorter, but no more than the shortest block that could contain all of the returned blocks. Exchanged space shall be returned within 12 months. If the gain in the number of addresses is greater than 4096, the aggregation request must be evaluated by the ARIN in accordance with the current IPv4 allocation policy. If all of the previous address blocks were maintained in the ARIN database without maintenance fees, the replacement space shall be as well, but if any one of the returned blocks had associated maintenance fees, then the replacement block shall also be subject to maintenance fees.


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