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Draft Policies and Proposals

Policy 2002-3: Address Policy for Multi-homed Networks
Policy Proposal Evaluation Status: Author
Adopted - NRPM Section
Discussion Tracking
Mailing List:
Formal introduction on PPML on 23 September 2002
Amended 21 March 2003, 22 September 2003
Final version posted to PPML on 18 November 2003
Public Policy Mailing List
ARIN Public Policy Meeting: ARIN X
ARIN Advisory Council: 31 October 2002
22 November 2002
27 March 2003
8 April 2003
8 May 2003
17 July 2003
23 October 2003
18 December 2003
ARIN Board of Trustees: 22 December 2003
10 January 2004
22 March 2004
Revisions Implementation


18 May 2004 


Multi-homed organizations may justify and obtain a block of address space with prefix length extending to /22 directly from ARIN. When prefixes are longer than /20, these micro-allocations or micro-assignments will be from a reserved block for that purpose.

[Implementation note from ARIN staff: Allocations and assignments made in accordance with this policy will be from the following IP address ranges:,,, and Additional ranges may be added as necessary.]


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