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Policy 2002-1: Lame Delegations in IN-ADDR.ARPA
Policy Proposal Evaluation Status: Author
Adopted - NRPM Section 7.2  
Discussion Tracking
Mailing List:
Formal introduction on PPML on 8 March 2002
Also introduced on the Database Implementation Working Group mailing list on 8 March 2002.
Public Policy Mailing List
ARIN Public Policy Meeting: ARIN IX
ARIN Advisory Council: 31 October 2002
22 November 2002
ARIN Board of Trustees: 17 November 2002
Revisions Implementation
None  2002 


ARIN will actively identify lame DNS name server(s) for delegations associated with address blocks allocated, assigned or administered by ARIN. Upon identification of a lame delegation, ARIN shall attempt to contact the POC for that resource. The process of contact shall follow at least the following sequence until the lame delegation is repaired:

  1. E-mail the POC associated with the delegation from the ARIN database.
  2. E-mail the POC associated with the ASN(s) originating the route in the global routing table.
  3. Telephone any POC associated with the ASN or ARIN records.
  4. Send postal mail to any POC associated with the ASN or ARIN records. Request response within 30 days.

After completing the contact procedures listed above, and the lame delegation persists, and waiting for a minimum of 30 days following the postal mail being sent, ARIN shall update the resource record with text indicating:

  1. That the delegation has been determined to be lame
  2. The evaluation date of the lame delegation
  3. That contact has been attempted unsuccessfully
  4. The date record was updated

The record shall be further updated by removing the name server delegation(s).


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