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Draft Policies and Proposals

Policy 2001- 4: Modification of the IPv6 allocation policies
Policy Proposal Evaluation Status: Author
Adopted - NRPM Section 6  
Discussion Tracking
Mailing List:
Formal introduction on PPML on 22 April 2002 (Last Call)
Introduced on ARIN IPv6 list and moved to the global IPv6 list following the ARIN VIII Public Policy and Members meeting.
Public Policy Mailing List
ARIN Public Policy Meeting: ARIN IX
ARIN Advisory Council: 30 October 2001
ARIN Board of Trustees: 11 December 2001
09 July 2002
Revisions Implementation
None  2002


The three RIRs have compiled the "IPv6 Address Allocation and Assignment Policy" document dated June 26, 2002, using feedback received from the RIR communities since the publishing of the provisional IPv6 document in 1999. In the interest of maintaining IPv6 policies that are global in scope, ARIN accepts the document with language on initial allocations as amended following the APNIC 13 and ARIN IX Public Policy Meetings.


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