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The following version was archived on Octoberr 31, 2005.

Policy Proposal 2005-7: Rationalize Multi-Homing Definition and Requirement

Policy Statement:

In existing policy, replace the phrase "multi-homed organizations must:" with the phrase "organizations applying under the multi-homed policy must:"

In existing policy, replace "Provide information showing that the requested IP address space will be utilized within three months." with "Provide information showing that the requested IP address space will be utilized within three months and demonstrating an intent to announce the requested space in a multi-homed fasion."


Presently, organizations wishing to apply for their first address space under the multi-homed policy must demonstrate that they have ALREADY announced a DIFFERENT address block via multi-homing, while simultaneously promising to renumber out of that same block.

This creates needless make-work for ISPs which are planning to multi-home, related to old resources which they're already trying to get out of. Likewise, it creates needless work for both of their upstream providers, who have to temporarily announce a prefix which DOESN'T NEED to be multi-homed, solely to demonstrate to ARIN analysts that the applying ISP is multi-homed. However, this same criterion can be demonstrated just as effectively by the applying ISP showing the analyst contracts with multiple ISPs under which the newly-applied-for block WILL BE multi-homed, and this more accurately reflects the intent of the original policy, while removing needless make-work at a time when the applicant is surely already quite busy with the real requirements of their change-over.

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