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ARIN XXIV Premeeting Activities

Pre-meeting Presentations - 20 October 2009
Agenda Item Speaker(s) Presentation
First Timers' Luncheon John Curran PDF PPTX
Introduction to the Policy Development Process Einar Bohlin PDF PPTX
Open Policy Hour Einar Bohlin
Leslie Nobile
Joint NANOG 47 / ARIN XXIV IPv6 Session - 21 October 2009
Agenda Item Speaker(s) Discussion Presentation
Introduction Mark Kosters Transcript PDF PPTX
IPv6 Emerging Stories of Success John Brzozowski Transcript PDF PPTX
History of IPv6 at ARIN Matt Ryanczak Transcript PDF PPTX
Porting to Dual Stack -- Not That Hard Owen DeLong Transcript PDF
IPv6 Implementation fundamentals for ISPs Aaron Hughes Transcript PDF
NANOG Election Results and Closing   Transcript