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ARIN XV Members Meeting Presentations - Orlando, FL - 20 April 2005

Minutes and Presentations of the Members Meeting
Agenda Item Speaker Text Synopsis Webcast Archives Presentation
ARIN Members Meeting Called to Order Ray Plzak HTML    
ARIN Department Reports      
Human Resources and Administration
Mary K. Lee HTML RealMedia PDF | PPT |
Ginny Listman RealMedia PDF | PPT |
Financial Services
Bob Stratton RealMedia PDF | PPT |
Member Services
Susan Hamlin RealMedia PDF | PPT |
Registration Services
Leslie Nobile RealMedia PDF | PPT |
ARIN's Service Level Commitments Nate Davis HTML RealMedia PDF | PPT |
ARIN Advisory Council Report Ron da Silva HTML RealMedia PDF | PPT |
ARIN Board of Trustees Report John Curran HTML RealMedia  
ARIN Financial Report David Conrad HTML RealMedia PDF | PPT |
Open Microphone   HTML RealMedia  
Closing Announcements and Adjournment Ray Plzak HTML RealMedia  

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