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ARIN XIV Members Meeting Minutes and Presentations - 22 October 2004

Minutes and Presentations of the Members Meeting
Agenda Item Speaker Text Synposis Presentation
Meeting Called to Order Ray Plzak HTML | PDF | PPT |
ARIN Board and Advisory Council Election Procedures Megan Kruse HTML | PDF | PPT |
Candidate Speeches      
LACNIC Update (moved from PPM, Day 1) Raúl Echeberría HTML | PDF | PPT |
ARIN's Service Level Agreements (moved from PPM, Day 2) Nate Davis HTML | PDF | PPT |
ARIN Department Reports      
Human Resources and Administration
Mary K. Lee HTML | PDF | PPT |
Robert Stratton | PDF | PPT |
Ginny Listman | PDF | PPT |
Member Services
Susan Hamlin | PDF | PPT |
Registration Services
Leslie Nobile | PDF | PPT |
ARIN Advisory Council Report Alec Peterson HTML | PDF | PPT |
ARIN Board of Trustees Report John Curran HTML | PDF | PPT |
ARIN Financial Report Lee Howard HTML | PDF | PPT |
Open Microphone   HTML  
Closing Announcements and Adjournment Ray Plzak HTML  

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