Remote Participation Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)


ARIN Meetings and Events are an important part of our open, transparent, multi-stakeholder process. ARIN provides remote participation opportunities as a service to the community. For the sake of simplicity, this document will refer to any method of participation for those not physically attending the meeting as “remote forums.” The general purpose of each remote forum is described on the ARIN website. Typically, ARIN remote forums are public, providing an opportunity for the entire Internet community to engage in discussions involving Internet number resources. Recordings of remote forums may be archived for historical and research interests. ARIN maintains these forums at its sole discretion and may create, modify, or remove a forum or change the requirements for participation at any time. ARIN may cancel an individual’s ability to participate in these forums if the individual or his/her organization no longer meets the posted participation requirements or violates this Acceptable Use Policy.

ARIN does not endorse, support, represent or guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy, or reliability of any communications posted or endorse any opinions expressed via the service. By using this service, participants acknowledge that any reliance on material posted via the service will be at their own risk.

General Participation Guidelines

  • Discussion will focus on the stated purpose of the remote forum.
  • Remote participants acknowledge that their identity and activity within these forums may be logged; made publicly available; archived on the ARIN website; may be used in materials related to ARIN’s process, procedures, operations (such as ARIN Meeting Reports); and are subject to legal rules of discovery.Participation requirements for remote forums may vary and require registration.
  • Auto-reply messages are prohibited for all remote forums.
  • Statements of a political or philosophical nature are discouraged.
  • Remote forum participants do not have the right to demand or expect explanations from ARIN on a routine basis in response to their postings.

Specifically Prohibited Activities

The following activities are specifically prohibited on any ARIN remote forum:

  • Statements that include foul language, personal character attacks, or show disrespect for other participants, including ARIN.
  • Statements that are slanderous or libelous, including making defamatory and untrue accusations of criminal conduct.
  • Posting urls.
  • Product marketing.
  • Use or distribution of others’ comments or contact information for any purposes other than to discuss relevant issues pertaining to approved topics.
  • Activity which interferes with the customary communications in the remote forum.
  • Activity where a participant attempts to knowingly present themselves as someone else.
  • Activity involving knowingly false or fictitious statements.
  • Actions, that while not described specifically here, are similar to the conduct described.

For comments or questions submitted to be read during the meeting

This service is only available to those individuals who are not registered to attend the meeting in person, and who have registered for this service.

Comments will be moderated for content applicability to meeting discussions, general decorum, and length appropriate to be included in meeting discussions. Comments must be concise and relevant to the topic being discussed. Comments must include name and organizational affiliation. If a participant becomes abusive or impairs the ability of others to participate in anyway, ARIN may, at its discretion, move to disable that individual’s ability to participate. If a comment is received that is judged to be overly lengthy, ARIN’s moderators may, at their discretion, either respond back to the individual asking for a summary or read only part of the comment at the meeting and have the comment, in its entirety, included in the published meeting minutes.

When appropriate, questions and comments will be brought to the attention of those in attendance during normal question and answer periods.

ARIN may log all remote participation activity and will include any comments or questions from remote participants and presented to the meeting as part of the meeting report.