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Past Meetings

ARIN provides service to the community in an open and transparent manner through open membership and biannual Public Policy and Members Meetings. Held in the second and fourth quarters of ARIN's fiscal year, all individuals interested in issues related to Internet number resources, regional policy development, and overall advancement of the Internet are encouraged to attend the Public Policy Meetings. These meetings also provide an excellent forum for discussion of emerging technologies and how they may impact current allocation policies and trends.

ARIN's General Members meet biannually to discuss operational and fiduciary matters, review membership issues, and, once each year, meet candidates running for election to ARIN positions on the Board of Trustees, Advisory Council, and NRO Number Council (when applicable).

The Meetings are advertised on the ARIN website and notification is sent to the Public Policy Mailing List ( and the arin-announce mailing list (

previous ARIN Public Policy and Members Meetings and Public Policy Consultations
Meeting Dates Location
PPC at NANOG 60 Atlanta, Georgia 11 February 2014
ARIN 32 10-11 October 2013 Phoenix, Arizona
PPC at NANOG 59 8 October 2013 Phoenix, Arizona
PPC at NANOG 58 4 June 2013 New Orleans, Louisiana
ARIN 31 21 - 24 April 2013 Bridgetown, Barbados
PPC at NANOG 57 5 February 2013 Orlando, Florida
ARIN XXX 24 - 26 October 2012 Dallas, Texas
ARIN XXIX 22 - 25 April 2012 Vancouver, British Columbia
ARIN XXVIII 12-14 October 2011 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
ARIN XXVII 10-13 April 2011 San Juan, Puerto Rico
ARIN XXVI 6-8 October 2010 Atlanta, Georgia
ARIN XXV 19-21 April 2010 Toronto, Ontario
ARIN XXIV 21-23 October 2009 Dearborn, Michigan
ARIN XXIII 26-29 April 2009 San Antonio, Texas
Spring Caribbean Sector Meeting 10-11 February 2009 Bridgetown, Barbados
ARIN XXII 15-17 October 2008 Los Angeles, California
Fall Caribbean Sector Meeting 17 September 2008 Nassau, Bahamas
Spring Caribbean Sector Meeting 21 May 2008 Kingston, Jamaica
ARIN XXI 6-9 April 2008 Denver, Colorado
ARIN XX 17-19 October 2007 Albuquerque, New Mexico
ARIN XIX 22-25 April 2007 San Juan, Puerto Rico
ARIN XVIII 11-13 October 2006 St. Louis, Missouri
ARIN XVII 9-12 April 2006 Montréal, Québec
ARIN XVI 26-28 October 2005 Los Angeles, CA
ARIN XV 17-21 April 2005 Orlando, FL
ARIN XIV 19-22 October 2004 Reston, VA
ARIN African Regional Meeting 23 June 2004 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
ARIN XIII 19-21 April 2004 Vancouver, BC (CA)
ARIN XII 22-24 October 2003 Chicago, IL
ARIN XI 7-9 April 2003 Memphis, TN
ARIN X 29 October - 1 November 2002 Eugene, OR
ARIN IX 8-10 April 2002 Las Vegas, NV
ARIN VIII 29-31 October 2001 Miami, FL
ARIN VII 2-4 April 2001 San Francisco, CA
ARIN VI 2-4 October 2000 Herndon, VA
ARIN V 3-5 April 2000 Calgary, AB (CA)
ARIN IV 18-20 October 1999 Denver, CO
ARIN III (Members Meeting Only) 13 April 1999 Atlanta, GA
ARIN II (Members Meeting Only) 16 October 1998 Bellevue, WA
ARIN I (Members Meeting Only) 20 March 1998 Chantilly, VA